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J/7 Videos

  Somebody To Love

Janeway is searching for love

Date Added: 24th Jan 2005

  Against All Odds
(Phil Collins)

Janeway regrets not telling Seven of her feelings

Date Added: 10th Jan 2005

  The Fairytale Of New York
(The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl)

It's Christmas with Janeway and Seven (NC-17 warning!)

Date Added: 13th Dec 2004

  Holding Out For A Hero
(Bonnie Tyler)

Seven needs someone to come to her rescue!

Date Added: 6th Dec 2004

  Karma Police Mk II

Janeway plots her revenge on both Chakotay and Seven (major angst alert!)

This version: 1st March 2006 Original: 25th Oct 2004

  Don't Stop Me Now

It's Action Janeway, with slight J/7 overtones ;)

Date Added: 18th Oct 2004

  Somewhere Out There
(Linda Rinstadt + James Ingram)

Can Janeway and Seven find each other?

Date Added: 27th Sept 2004

  New Beginning
(Stephen Gately)

Didn't like how Endgame finished? How about this for an alternative ;)

Date Added: 20th Sept 2004

  She Can't Help Herself
(Level 42)

Seven's story

Date Added: 13th Sept 2004

  Licence To Kill
(Gladys Knight)

Crazy Janeway takes out a few of her potential love rivals

Date Added: 6th Sept 2004

  All Time High
(Aimee Mann)

Janeway and Seven take on all comers in a breathy alternative version of this song

Date Added: 30th August 2004

  Roxanne IV
(From Moulin Rouge)

Mk IV of this dark tale of jealousy - this is the full version of the song

This version: 12th October 2006 Original: 12th August 2004

  Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
(The Police)

Seven admires Janeway's quirks

Date added: 9th August 2004

  Total Eclipse Of The Heart
(Bonnie Tyler)

This one comes with an adult content warning ;)

Date added: 2nd August 2004

  Not Me, Not I
(Delta Goodrem)

This one comes with a severe angst alert for poor old Janeway

Date added: 29th July 2004

  Would You?
(Touch and Go)

Seven has an interesting question for Janeway

Date added: 26th July 2004

  In The Shadows
(The Rasmus)

It's Seven's turn to be searching for something

Date added: 19th July 2004

  I Touch Myself
(The Divinyls)

Seven dreams while in her alcove, and does, er, other naughty things

Date added: 29th June 2004

  Break Me Shake Me
(Savage Garden)

Janeway and Seven take a few knocks

  Together In Electric Dreams
(Giorgio Moroder)

J/7 holodeck dreams

For Trek

  Unchained Melody
(Righteous Brothers)

A lovey-dovey J/7 piece (and a slight Ghost rip-off, hee hee)

  Livin' La Vida Loca
(Ricky Martin)

A J/7 comedy piece - make sure you pay attention at the end ;)

  Lost Without You
(Delta Goodrem)

How Janeway would feel if she ever lost Seven

  I Would Do Anything For Love

A J/7 one, showing just how far Janeway would go for her Seven!

(Robbie Williams)

A Seven video, with J/7 too, though I have to say I've made Janeway a bit mean in this one!

  Chariots Of Fire

A bit of slow-mo J/7 fun

  Wuthering Heights
(Kate Bush)

It's Admiral time! With Kathryn as Kathy and Seven as Heathcliff in a tribute to Endgame

  Roxanne & Roxanne Mk II
(From Moulin Rouge)

A dark one about jealousy. Mk II is an alternative version from Seven's viewpoint. Both have content warnings for 7/various and J/various respectively.

  Nobody Does It Better
(Aimee Mann)

A Janeway celebration, this is Seven's song for Janeway ;-)

  I Got You Babe
(Sonny and Cher)

J/7 all the way, a little duet for our favourite couple to sing with each other

  Bette Davis Eyes
(Kim Carnes)

Continuing my obsession with Janeway and her eyes, a kind of sequel to Hungry Eyes, lol.

  Hungry Eyes
(From Dirty Dancing)

Inspired by all those longing looks Janeway gives Seven 

  "Hunting High And Low"

Janeway goes searching for something, wonder what? ;)

Date added: 12th July 2004

  True Love's First Kiss (remastered)
(From Shrek)

And you thought they never did...? This video has been updated as of 21st Jan 2007

Original Date added: 5th July 2004

  "I Am The One And Only"
(Chesney Hawkes)

Seven lets us know who's boss ;)

  "Still The One"
(Shania Twain)

Just some nice, sweet J/7

  "There She Goes"
(The Las)

J/7 with lots of comings and goings

  "Fly Me To The Moon"
(Julie London)

This kind of started as a tribute to our girls in astrometrics but I didn't have enough clips to restrict it just to that!

  "Never Be The Same Again"
(Mel C)

This has always struck me as the perfect gay song!

  "Poison (Updated Feb 2006)"
(Alice Cooper)

A trip to the vidders dark side!

(The Corrs)

Lots of J/7, though not actually that much running away, more like walking quickly ;-)

  "Every Breath You Take"
(The Police)

thetilde requested a video for a Sting song, and though this isn't strictly just him, I thought the words were very apt

(Hall and Oates)

Janeway all the way!

  "Cosmic Girl"

Had to do this just because of the references to "star trekking" and transporters among other things!

  "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"
(Dusty Springfield)

Pure J/7 mush and melancholy

  "Through the Barricades"
(Spandau Ballet)

My first attempt at video making, the song reminded me of all the times Janeway and Seven have been on opposite sides of force fields!

Other Voyager Videos

  "Voyager In The 24th Century"
(Buck Rogers Theme)

Voyager and the crew get into action

Date added: 15th July 2004

  "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"
(Deacon Blue)

Chakotay gets his heart broken - twice! (hee hee)

Date added: 8th July 2004

  "It's My Life"
(No Doubt)

It's musical Infinite Regress!

  "The Voyage"
(Christy Moore)

A Janeway and Tuvok one - note no "slash" - this is platonic love!

  "Jupiter - Full Version"

I originally wanted to do the whole thing, so here it is! A J/ship/crew mixture

  "I Just Want To Make Love To You"
(Etta James)

Coffee's song for Janeway! (you can see it the other way round if you're more sane than me)

"Theme From The Trap"
(Ron Goodwin)

One for all you ship lovers :)

  "Wouldn't It Be Good"
(Nik Kershaw)

Another episode video, this time for Imperfection

  "I Can't Make You Love Me"
(George Michael)

This is Chakotay's song, a short anti-J/C piece, hee hee.

  "Last of the Borg"
(From Last of The Mohicans)

Dark Frontier condensed to 1 minute and 42 seconds!

  "Jupiter (I vow to thee my country)"

A tribute to Janeway, Voyager and her crew, and an instrumental piece to boot

  "Planet Earth"
(Duran Duran)

This one is a bit of an crew ensemble piece, I heard the song on the radio and just couldn't resist fitting some Voyager scenes to it.