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J/7 Videos

  Chariots of Fire

Some big sporting thingy starts today, so a timely re-edit of this old favourite

Date Added: 27th July 2012


2012's Eurovision winner

Date Added: 6th June 2012

  Eurovision 2010
(Various Artists)

Not strictly just the winner, since that was really annoying

Date Added: 6th June 2010

  The Story
(Brandi Carlile)

The Admiral helps Janeway re-write her story

Date Added: 17th April 2010

(Jordin Sparks)

The sparks (and bullets!) fly between Janeway and Seven

Date Added: 16th December 2009


Janeway keeps chasing after her dreams

Date Added: 3rd October 2009


Janeway struggles with her dark side, can Seven lead her into the light?

Date Added: 13th August 2009

  Fairytale (Eurovision 2009)
(Alexander Rybak)

The Admiral tries to make her fairytale come true. Dedicated to One of Three.

Date Added: 20th May 2009

  Does Your Mother Know?
(Christine Baranski/Abba)

Janeway tries (but not too hard) to disuade a keen Seven

Date Added: 2nd March 2009

  Join With Us
(The Feeling)

Janeway makes a persuasive case for Starfleet (NC-17 warning)

Date Added: 17th Nov 2008

  This Is How It Goes
(Missy Higgins)

Seven notices some repeating patterns in her relationship with Janeway

Date Added: 8th Sept 2008

  Carry You Home
(James Blunt)

Admiral Janeway carries her memories back to the Alpha Quadrant but she wants more

Date Added: 19th August 2008

  I Kissed A Girl
(Katy Perry)

Seven decides experimentation is the order of the day, with a certain Captain being in her sights

Date Added: 14th July 2008

  Because Of You
(Kelly Clarkson)

Seven finds it hard to shake off the ghosts of the past. Thanks to jeny_nour for the song suggestion

Date Added: 16th June 2008

(Freemasons ft Bailey Tzuke)

Seven wonders just how Janeway feels about her, being wary of giving into her feelings for the Captain

Date Added: 9th June 2008

(Dima Bilan)

A video to 2008's Eurovision winner, a prize for Marie who had Russia in the VC ESC sweepstake

Date Added: 30th May 2008

  Love Shine A Light
(Katrina and The Waves)

Not only is this a video to the greatest ever Eurovision winner, but also an advert for the VC ESC sweepstake :)

Date Added: 13th May 2008

  I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

This one is dedicated to One of Three and her lovely lady wife (to be at the time of writing!) who are getting married on 10th May 2008

Date Added: 7th May 2008

(Timbaland ft One Republic)

It's too late for Seven to apologize...warning for angst! Done in response to KGG's challenge

Date Added: 28th April 2008

  When You Believe
(Leon Jackson)

Janeway can do anything with a bit of faith and the right support ;)

Date Added: 17th April 2008

  Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
(Marc Almond and Gene Pitney)

Janeway and Seven share a duet and I take my first foray into the world of Sony Vegas after over 250 videos made with another application!

Date Added: 30th March 2008

  Devil In Disguise
(Elvis Presley)

Seven discovers that Janeway is not all that she seems

Date Added: 9th March 2008


What if Janeway hadn't been so willing to offer help to Seven even though she desperately needed it?

Date Added: 31st January 2008

  4th Anniversary Video

A look back at 2007 for my 4th anniversary

Date Added: 21st January 2008

  Already Gone
(Lucie Silvas)

Can Janeway do anything to keep Seven? (Angst warning!)

Date Added: 26th Nov 2007

(Take That)

Seven hopes Janeway can wait for her

Date Added: 15th October 2007

  Grace Kelly

Sim Seven wonders what she has to do to impress Janeway

Date Added: 17th Sept 2007

  Shut Your Eyes
(Snow Patrol)

Seven's fantasy world gets an unexpected visitor

Date Added: 16th July 2007

  Standing In The Way Of Control

No one can force our girls to do anything

Date Added: 4th June 2007

  Enough Is Enough
(Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer)

Janeway and Seven have had enough of other potential suitors

Date Added: 3rd April 2007

  Every Time We Touch

Janeway's tactile nature can't help but affect Seven

Date Added: 5th March 2007

  November Rain
(Guns n Roses)

Loss can drive us to do the craziest things

Date Added: 19th February 2007

  J/7 The Movie! (Trailer)
(Trevor Jones)

What Star Trek XI should be ;)

Date Added: 14th February 2007

  Third Anniversary Video

All the best of the last 12 months!

Date Added: 21st January 2007

  Merry Christmas Everyone
(Shakin Stevens)

Seven leads the ship in a Christmas celebration.

Date Added: 18th Dec 2006

  Who Am I
(Will Young)

Janeway struggles to find a way to tell Seven how she feels.

Date Added: 20th Nov 2006

  Nature's Law

The crew can see the blindingly obvious but will Janeway heed their advice?

Date Added: 9th October 2006

  The Sun Always Shines On TV

The lines between various realities becomes rather blurred

Date Added: 18th September 2006

  Woman In Love
(Liz McClarnon)

Seven has it bad

Date Added: 29th August 2006

I'll Be Ready

Janeway's Version

Seven's Version
(Jim Jamison)

Unfortunately red swimsuits are not included!

Date Added: 7th August 2006

(Earth, Wind and Fire)

What Janeway and Seven really got up to in the holodeck

Date Added: 17th July 2006

  Electric Storm
(Delta Goodrem)

Janeway and Seven's relationship is full of sparks!

Date Added: 26th June 2006

  Your Disco
(Kylie Minogue)

It's one big camp party aboard the Sim-ship Voyager!

Date Added: 5th June 2006

(Pet Shop Boys)

Janeway teaches Seven a thing or two about the art of conning

Date Added: 29th May 2006

  Is This The Way To Amarillo? (Tony Christie)

Janeway is Peter Kay!

Date Added: 15th May 2006

  Every Day I Love You Less And Less (Kaiser Chiefs)

Seven has something to tell Chakotay. Thanks to Balbalala for the manip!

Date Added: 8th May 2006

  Annie's Song
(John Denver)

Janeway fills Seven's world

Date Added: 1st May 2006

  Mad World
(Alex Parks)

Seven has a hard time integrating into humanity

Date Added: 24th April 2006

  Suddenly I See
(KT Tunstall)

Seven comes to understand something that's right under her nose

Date Added: 17th April 2006

  Achilles Heel

Love turns into obsession with tragic consequences

Date Added: 27th March 2006

(Pussycat Dolls ft Will.I.Am)

Janeway just can't help herself

Date Added: 13th March 2006

  What You Waiting For?
(Gwen Stefani)

Admiral Janeway has some words of advice for her past self

Date Added: 6th March 2006

  O Fortuna

What if the rest of the crew turned against Seven? Whose side would Janeway take?

Date Added: 27th Feb 2006

  Forget Me Not
(Lucie Silvas)

Janeway has one thing to ask of Seven

Date Added: 13th Feb 2006

  Waiting For A Star To Fall
(Cabin Crew)

A celebration of Janeway and Seven's favourite place

Date Added: 6th Feb 2006

  Not In Love
(Enrique Inglesias and Kelis)

Seven tries a little too hard to convince herself of something

Date Added: 30th Jan 2006

  Last Night On Earth
(Delta Goodrem)

The Admiral reminisces before her trip to change time

Date Added: 16th Jan 2006

(Art of Noise ft. Tom Jones)

Janeway tries out various lips before finding the right ones...

Date Added: 9th Jan 2006

  I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (Wizzard)

Janeway, Seven and the crew celebrate a Sims Christmas

Date Added: 31st Dec 2005

J/7 Advent 2005
Christmas Bonus - 19th Dec 2005

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
(Mel Smith and Kim Wilde)

  Week Four - 19th Dec 2005

Season Seven J/7
(Trevor Jones)

  Week Three - 12th Dec 2005

Season Six J/7
(John Williams)

  Week Two - 5th Dec 2005

Season Five J/7

  Week One - 28th Nov 2005

Season Four J/7
(Hans Zimmer)

  You Raise Me Up
(Josh Groban)

Seven appreciates Janeway's support

Date Added: 7th Nov 2005

(Sam Brown)

Janeway wants Seven to...stop, in more ways than one (shock ending warning!)

Date Added: 24th Oct 2005

  You Showed Me
(Lightning Seeds)

Janeway and Seven do Pygmalion as mentor falls for student and vice versa

Date Added: 9th Oct 2005

  Dirty Pretty Words
(Alex Parks)

Janeway doesn't like what Seven has to say (angst warning!)

Date Added: 26th Sept 2005

  Material Girl

Seven has everyone chasing after her

Date Added: 1st August 2005

  Between a rock and a hard place
(Hans Zimmer)

Something a little different, almost like a trailer for "J/7 - The Movie!"

Date Added: 25th July 2005

  Fading Like A Flower

Seven is scared of losing Janeway

Date Added: 11th July 2005

  I Like The Way

Seven admires Janeway's moves

Date Added: 4th July 2005

  This Is How We DO IT
(Montell Jordan)

What's that thing Janeway says a know...erm...

Date Added: 27th June 2005

  Let There Be Love
(Nat King Cole)

The title says it all!

Date Added: 6th June 2005

  Runaround Sue

Janeway tarts it up - big time! (warning for J/pretty much everyone)

Date Added: 30th May 2005

(Peggy Lee)

Things get a little hot and steamy

Date Added: 23rd May 2005

  The Magnificent Seven
(Elmer Bernstein)

Seven saves the day!

Date Added: 17th May 2005

  All Fired Up
(Pat Benatar)

Janeway means business! (thanks to Eric S for the song suggestion)

Date Added: 16th May 2005

  Nothing Else Matters
(Lucie Silvas)

Janeway and Seven have a few ups and downs

Date Added: 9th May 2005

  I Feel Lucky
(Mary-Chapin Carpenter)

Janeway gets really lucky (thanks to Kanay for the end suggestion!)

Date Added: 25th April 2005

  The Show Must Go On

Janeway battles on against the odds

Date Added: 18th April 2005

  A Whole New World
(Peabo Bryson + Regina Belle)

Janeway introduces Seven to the whole new world of... astrometrics!

Date Added: 11th April 2005

  Bohemian Rhapsody

Seven's epic tale, all 6 minutes of it!

Date Added: 4th April 2005

  She's Electric

Janeway wants to be like Seven

Date Added: 14th March 2005

My 100th Music Video!

  The Time Of My Life
(Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes)

There's something special about this one. Can you work out what it is before the end credits give it away? ;)

Date Added: 28th Feb 2005

  Only When I Sleep
(The Corrs)

Both Janeway and Seven do some dreaming

Date Added: 14th Feb 2005

  What You're Made Of
(Lucie Silvas)

Seven has a bad case on unrequited love

Date Added: 7th Feb 2005


Janeway saves the galaxy (and Seven!)

Date Added: 31st Jan 2005

Other Voyager Videos

  Here Come The Girls

Boots have a lot to answer for with those bloody adverts!

Date Added: 27th February 2010

  Lucius Dei
(Immediate Music)

More instrumental musings, with a hint of J/7

Date Added: 30th January 2010

(Immediate Music)

Layers in the video match those in the music...sort of

Date Added: 26th July 2009

  Smooth Criminal
(Michael Jackson)

Seven fights her demons

Date Added: 29th June 2009

(Corner Stone Cues)

Janeway and Voyager together

Date Added: 30th May 2009

  The Twelve Pains of Christmas

It's Christmas time again!

Date Added: 20th December 2008

  Halloween 2008

It's the time of year for spooky goings on again

Date Added: 31st October 2008

  Star Trek Voyager The Movie
(Klaus Badelt)

A winner in the music video contest at the 2008 Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. A slight revised version of the original

Date Added: 23rd August 2008

Awards for "Star Trek Voyager The Movie"

  Star Trek Voyager Trailer
(X-Ray Dog)

A short trailer for the TV series, just because I liked the music

Date Added: 28th July 2008

  Daft Drones
(Daft Punk)

AKA Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. With thanks to ZoeAmory for the idea

Date Added: 26th June 2008

(Galt MacDermot)

Janeway shows off her dos. Thanks to ximh for the initial concept.

Date Added: 10th February 2008

  Nine To Five
(Dolly Parton)

Starship captain...what a way to make a living!

Date Added: 14th January 2008

  Bad Moon Rising
(Creedence Clearwater Revival)

It's Halloween time again!

Date Added: 31st October 2007

  Jupiter (New Version)

A third attempt at this one!

Date Added: 2nd October 2007

(Barenaked Ladies)

Janeway seems to like a drink or three

Date Added: 16th August 2007

  Time To Say Goodbye
(Sarah Brightman)

It's Endgame and time for the Admiral to say goodbye to the crew

Date Added: 30th June 2007

  Star Trek Voyager: The Movie
(Klaus Badelt)

What could have been (with some piratical help)

Date Added: 21st May 2007

  Dr Who (New Version)
(Murray Gold)

Loads of temporal weridness abounds.

Date Added: 14th February 2007

  Fix You

The captain and her ship support one another

Date Added: 4th Dec 2006

  It's A Sin
(Pet Shop Boys)

Janeway fights with her feelings of guilt

Date Added: 13th Nov 2006


Spooky goings on for Halloween

Date Added: 31st October 2006

  Paradise City
(Guns And Roses)

Away missions are never straight-forward in the Delta Quadrant

Date Added: 26th September 2006

  Don't Stop Me Now

Watch out world - Janeway's coming!

Date Updated: 15th June 2006

Awards for "Don't Stop Me Now"

  Soul Bossa Nova
(Quincy Jones)

Janeway would like to teach the world to dance, or just the crew would do

Date Added: 31st July 2006

(Klaus Badelt)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is out today, and this is from the first film - "He's a Pirate"

Date Added: 6th July 2006

  Pearl Harbour
(Hans Zimmer)

There are hard lessons to learn out in the Delta Quadrant

Date Added: 19th June 2006

  No Good Advice
(Girls Aloud)

The Voyager ladies don't need any help

Date Added: 10th April 2006

  Mack The Knife
(Bobby Darin)

Janeway gets murderous!

Date Added: 3rd April 2006

  Mrs Robinson
(Simon and Garfunkel)

Watch out starfleet graduates!

Date Added: 20th March 2006

  I Am What I Am
(Hannah Jones)

The Borg Queen is proud of being a great big dy...I mean...borg ;)

Date Added: 20th Feb 2006

  The Great Pretender
(Freddie Mercury)

Some bitter-sweet Doc/7

Date Added: 21st Nov 2005

  My Way
(Frank Sinatra)

Janeway all the way!

Date Added: 14th Nov 2005

(The Cranberries)

A little scariness for Halloween!

Date Added: 31st Oct 2005

  Fast Food
(Fast Food Rockers)

Lots of crew food silliness

Date Added: 17th Oct 2005

  Loser (remastered)
(Weird Al Yankovic)

Digitally remastered and updated Chakotay bashing at its best!

Date Added: 3rd Sept 2005

  Shut Up
(Black Eyed Peas)

Janeway gets rather annoyed with her first officer

Date Added: 18th July 2005

  Season Seven Voyager
(John Williams)

It's the end of the journey, brought to you by Star Wars

Date Added: 12th Sept 2005

  Season Six Voyager
(Red Dwarf Theme)

The highs and lows of season six

Date Added: 13th June 2005

  Season Five Voyager
(John Williams)

Everyone's a superman!

Date Added: 28th March 2005

  Season Four Voyager
(John Williams)

Season four action with "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

Date Added: 3rd January 2005

  Season Three Voyager
(John Williams)

All the action from season three to "The Empire Strikes Back"

Date Added: 4th Oct 2004

  Season Two Voyager
(The Propellerheads)

The ship and crew navigate season 2

Date Added: 23rd August 2004

  Season One Voyager

First season adventures to the 1812 Overture (updated 3rd January 2005)

(S Club 7)

The crew cheer up Janeway with a little sing-song

Date Added: 2nd May 2005

  Dr Who (Relativity)
(Ron Grainer)

To celebrate the return of the timelord to British TV, our own time-travelling Borg

Date Added: 26th March 2005

  Janie's Got A Gun

Unsuprisingly Janeway has a...gun (lots of them in fact!)

Date Added: 21st March 2005

  Kung Fu Fighting
(Bus Stop ft. Carl Douglas)

All the crew do some some fighting in a kind of matrix style

Date Added: 7th March 2005

  Let's Hear It For The Boy
(Denice Williams)

A sweet bit of P/T loving

Date Added: 21st Feb 2005

  Gay Bar
(Electric Six)

Everyone takes a trip to the gay bar!

Date Added: 17th January 2005

  Halloween Voyager
(Mike Oldfield)

Ever thought Voyager was a little scary in seasons 1 - 3?

Date Added: 31st Oct 2004

  Loser (original)
(Weird Al Yankovic)

Chakotay bashing at its best! (see updated Loser too!)

Date Added: 16th Oct 2004

(Robbie Williams + Jane Horrocks)

A little Janeway and Q duet

Date Added: 11th Oct 2004

  Livin' For Cafe Mocha
(Steve Delella)

More silly coffee shenanigans and a parody of my own
Livin' La Vida Loca

(Patsy Cline)

It's musical The Voyager Conspiracy!

  I Only Want To Be With You
(Vonda Shepherd)

This is Betsy's love song for Janeway - yes, it's a singing gun!

  It Takes Two
(Marvin Gaye + Kim Weston)

A light-hearted look at Endgame for a change, with lots of J/Admrial action!

  Live And Let Die
(Chrissie Hynde)

The Killing Game to music!

  I'll Never Fall In Love Again
(Deacon Blue)

Chakotay gets his heart broken - twice! (hee hee)

Date added: 8th July 2004