J/7 Videos
a little side walk cafe in Buenos Aires xnedrabourne Lots of good J/7 video clips for download in .rm format
Raspy's Holodeck Raspy Large collection of videos
Casper's Mansion casper Videos, including non-J/7
Mercy's Place MercyCroft Videos plus more silliness with captions
Annika's Videos AnnikaHansen7of9 Janeway and J/7 vids
Saffron's Videos Saffron Janeway vids
Trek's Videos Trek4of9 J/7 vids
CaptKate's Videos CaptKateJaneway J/7 vids
G.Brooke Music Videos GB Brooke J/7 vids
Video By Vaxen Vaxen J/7 vids
Convergence PMC J/7 vids, plus some xena

J/7 Fanfic
Angela McNelly Angela McNelly  
Angelina 4 Kate Angelina Racy/angsty J/7, plus some interesting threesomes!
Fiction By Anik LaChev Anik LaChev Mainly uber fiction
Bailey B Bailey B very good 12 part post-endgame story
Boadicea Boadicea Includes various other J pairings as well as J/7
Voyager Slash Fiction Captain Starbuck  
The J/7 Alcove Casta Diva and co Several different authors on one site
The Continuing Voyage Emily Rose  
Red Moon Fletcher DeLancey Home of the "Past Imperfect" series amongst others
G. Brooke Fiction G.B. Brooke Mainly uber fiction
Novel Expectations Gina Darrt The home of the Just Between and Millenium series
Kanay's Place Kanay  
Shadowlands Kate Shadow Lots of good, well written fic
Kelly's Janeway Fiction Kelly  
Unimatrix Omega Lisa Countryman Home of the fantastic "Beginnings"
LZ Fiction Lara Z Loads and loads of stories, plus actor fic
Raising Naomi Michelle Marquand J/7 series of many parts!
Mist's Fiction Mist  
NejVit NejVit  
Coffee On The Rocks Orione Fanfiction and poetry
Dimension Of Imagination Rae  
Scar's Fiction Scar Great angsty stuff
Shaych Shaych  
Wolf Fic Snowolf  
Astrometrics Susan Thompson Lots of good one shot stories
Delta Quadrant of Venus Tenderware Older stories but lots of them
The Omega Point thetilde Mainly WAFF (warm and fuzzy!)
Fanfiction By Tigermoth Tigermoth  
The Infinity Complex Various Literally hundreds on J/7 stories
Pink Rabbit Consortium Various Fic by various authors
The Paradoxical F/F Archive Various  
Vaxens Elemental Voyager Vaxen Fanfiction and some videos too
Virago's Slash Fiction Virago Some very amusing stories
Wendy's Fiction Wendy Some very funny stories

General Voyager
The J/7 Forum Janeway and Seven message board where we all hang out!
Delta Blues Includes Jim Wrights in depth and witty reviews of all episodes
Janet's Voyager Site Loads and loads of still pics amongst other things
Jupiter Station A J/P site, but with loads of great Janeway pics

General Star Trek
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