Foreign Talkies

n.b these are all NC-17 due to language! Please right-click to save

  Carry On Swearing

Janeway's in trouble for her bad language again

Date Added: 4th August 2008


Seven has a new hobby

Date Added: 8th April 2008

  Entendre Game

Made for the JDI Challenge 4. This is what happened next when the curtain went down on Endgame!

Date Added: 26th October 2006

  Valentines 2

It's that time of year again, but Seven's been a naughty girl

Date Added: 14th February 2006


Janeway and Seven are in trouble for their bad language

Date Added: 15th Nov 2005

  Alternative Science Fair

Janeway surveys Seven's teaching efforts

Date Added: 19th October 2005


Janeway gets a little more than she bargained for

Date Added: 3rd April 2005

  Valentine's Day

Janeway needs to find a present for Seven

Date Added: 14th February 2005

The Kama Sutra Quartet

  1. Special Letters

A rather unexpected communique arrives from Starfleet

Date Added: Jan 2005

  2. After Dark

Janeway is feeling a bit worn out

Date Added: Jan 2005

  3. Alternative Olympics

Janeway and Seven decide to put their practice to good use

Date Added: Jan 2005

  4. And the winners are...

Janeway and Seven are back from the competition

Date Added: Feb 2005

  Death To The Plank!

Janeway finds out about C/7 and is not happy

Date Added: December 2004

  French Love

Janeway needs to relieve some tension

Date Added: December 2004