Lady Katherine Reference

Date Event Chronicle
12th April 1153 Katherine is born at Stratford, Warwickshire -
7th November 1164 Anne is born in the village of Oxton, Nottinghamshire -
1171 - 1172 Katherine has a fling with the then Robert Ashdown -
June 1174 Wedding of Mark and Katherine at Markham Church -
March 1176 Anne's parents are killed at the Shrine of Gaia -
1183 Katherine's parents pass away -
July 1190 Mark leaves to go on crusades with King Richard -
November 1190 Mark supposedly killed in Sicily -
January 1191 Word of Mark's "death" reaches Markham -
18th April 1191 Katherine's first encounter with Anne at Nottingham Castle 1
26th April 1191 Katherine and Anne's first kiss and, later, the first time they make love 1
10th May 1191 Anne visits Katherine at Markham Manor for the first time 2
13th May 1191 Anne rescues Katherine from the clutches of outlaws in Sherwood Forest 2
24th May 1191 Katherine tells Anne she loves her for the first time 2
18th June 1191 The French Ambassador, Pierre, comes to visit Markham 3
26th June 1191 Anne almost kills Pierre at Katherine's tournament 3
11th July 1191 Anne tells Katherine the story of her childhood 4
15th July 1191 Anne rescues Katherine who has been kidnapped by the dark witch, Bronwyn 4
5th August 1191 Katherine gives Anne her mother's necklace 5
13th August 1191 Katherine and Kirby's "wedding" day 5/6
12th September 1191 Katherine and Anne take a trip to Loughborough 7
11th October 1191 Katherine and Anne visit the haunted Clipstone Castle 8
7th November 1191 Anne's 27th birthday - Katherine gives her a silk shirt as a present 9
8th November 1191 Anne is possessed by the dark witch, Bronwyn 9
14th November 1191 Bronwyn murders Mark while still in possession of Anne's body 9
19th November 1191 Katherine rescues Anne from Bronwyn's clutches 10
Early March 1192 Katherine and Anne go to Keighley to visit Katherine's sister, discovering the first Ares object. 11
12th April 1192 Katherine's 39th birthday - Anne gives her a lute as a present 12
14th April 1192 Katherine discovers the letter from her father about the Ares Syndicate along with the second object. 12
Late April 1192 The pair visit Katherine's old home at Stratford, meeting Lord Robert who helps them find the third Ares object. 13
Mid May 1192 Katherine and Anne get caught up in Barton's deadly game on the way back from Stratford 14
Late May 1192 The fourth Ares object is discovered on the Markham Estate 15
Mid June 1192 A visit to Chesterfield yields the fifth and final object, and a new enemy in the form of Lady Saskia 16
Early to Mid July 1192 Katherine and Anne head to France on the trail of the Syndicate 17
Mid July 1192 The Syndicate unite the five objects to reveal the mysterious weapon 18
Late July/Early August 1192 Katherine and Anne hurry back to England, hoping to stop the Syndicate 19
August 1192 Back in England, things come to a head at Nottingham Castle 20

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