From a challenge by iimzadi to the members of the VC J/7 Forum to write a series of love letters between Janeway and Seven. Each letter was to be written by a different writer, with the letters set some time after Endgame. To add some spice a "Janeway" and a "Seven" would then record the letters into audio form. So here they are...

Audio Recording of All Letters

Text Version of All Letters

Letter 1 - Janeway to Seven by Sazzy
Letter 2 - Seven to Janeway by MsRadley
Letter 3 - Janeway to Seven by MercyCroft
Letter 4 - Seven to Janeway by EwigeStudentin
Letter 5 - Janeway to Seven by Taoduck
Letter 6 - Seven to Janeway by Gorms
Letter 7 - Janeway to Seven by aerialsky
Letter 8 - Seven to Janeway by SwedenTrekkie
Letter 9 - Janeway to Seven by cubist
Letter 10 - Seven to Janeway by MercyCroft
Letter 11 - Janeway to Seven by MsRadley


Raspy as Janeway
Sazzy as Seven

With thanks to:

iimzadi for audio editing

EwigeStudentin for the manip above

ZoeAmory for the manip opposite

Copyright 2009 The Voyager Conspiracy