Metamorphosis – Side Notes

(aka a guide to quirky British terms!)



[1] NHS - National Health Service – responsible for running all aspects of public health services in the UK.


[2] CID - Criminal Investigation Department - plain clothes police detectives in the UK


[3] Hendon - The main training base for new recruits to the Metropolitan Police Force (the police force of London)


[4] The Met – nickname for the Metropolitan Police Force (see above)


[5] “From Chance To Choice: Genetics and Justice” - Buchanan A, Brock D.W., Daniels N, Wikler D, 2002, Cambridge University Press


[6] ’66 – 1966 – the year the England football (soccer) team last won the World Cup.


[7] Sandhurst – home of the Royal Military Academy where British Army officers are trained.


[8] Soccer AM – Saturday morning TV show, shown on Sky Sports.  It’s an irreverent magazine style show about football (soccer) presented by Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain,


[9] Scouser – slang term for someone from Liverpool


[10] Home Counties – collective name for the counties to the direct north and west of London.  People from these would often have what might be considered a slightly upper class English accent.


[11] Galaxy – chocolate bar manufactured by Mars in the UK


[12] Liverpool vs Man Utd - Before any smartarse points it out, yes I know Liverpool didn’t play Man Utd in April 2005.  Their last meeting of the 2004/05 season was in January 2005, this is just a bit of writer’s license!


[13] Anfield – the name of Liverpool football club’s home ground


[14] The Kop – a seating stand in the ground at Anfield.  It’s where the most passionate supporters sit, the ones that always break out into spontaneous bouts of singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”


[15] SAS – Special Air Service – the covert operations unit of the British Army, the nearest US equivalent is the Navy Seals I believe


[16] Whitehall – the area of London with a high concentration of government buildings, such as the Prime Minister’s residence, 10 Downing Street.


[17] Lord’s – Lord’s cricket ground in London, so-called home of English cricket.