Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 7

Killing Game Part 2

<Janeway and Seven are in astrometrics having just escaped from the exploding Nazi headquarters>

Janeway: That's our first objective, disable the interfaces, but we'll need help.
Seven: We did have allies in the World War Two simulation - the French Resistance.
Janeway: <grabbing the rifle> It's time we mount a resistance of our own!

< Janeway runs out the door, Seven following behind>

<And now for what we didn’t see before they got to Katrine’s…>

<Janeway and Seven come upon a Jeffries tube hatch which Janeway pops open, crawling in with Seven close behind her. At a junction Janeway stops momentarily to determine which way to go, but Seven doesn’t notice and keeps going, colliding with the Captain’s rear>

Janeway: Oof!
Seven: My apologies, Captain, I did not realise you had stopped.
Janeway: That’s all right, Seven, I was just deciding which way to go.

<We see Janeway’s face as she is looking back and forth between the two options. Suddenly a look of surprise crosses her face. Still on all fours, she cranes her head round to look at Seven behind her>

Janeway: Seven, what the hell are you doing?
Seven: <slightly perplexed> I am not sure - I seemed to be unable to resist the urge to pinch your bottom. It was most…enticingly placed.
Janeway: <flustered> Ahem…Well, if you can ignore the temptations of my backside for a moment, we have a resistance to mount, remember.

<Seven looks up at Janeway, still somewhat confused by her own actions before her face takes on a more menacingly seductive look>

Seven: Resistance is futile!

<Seven suddenly moves closer and grabs Janeway around the waist so she is right behind her, both of them on all fours>

Janeway: Seven, what…woaaaaaaaahhh!!

<Seven rips Janeway’s trousers off>

Seven: Mount this!

<Seven’s fingers continue their upward path, worming their way into Janeway’s knickers. Janeway can do nothing, held tightly from behind as the fingers slowly probe her intimate regions>

Janeway: <groaning with pleasure> Ohhhh….yessss
Seven: Now it is time for that big bang you instructed me to give you earlier.
Janeway: <in between pants and thrusts> I…don't…remember…that
Seven: It was just before you suggested we spend the night together
Janeway: I did what??

<Seven stops for a moment as Janeway looks at her aghast>

Seven: You asked if I was having “second thoughts”, I informed you that I was not.
Janeway: Oh, well, that's good then
Seven: Indeed

<Seven continues to pump her fingers into Janeway until the Captain lets out an almighty scream>

Seven: Considering the ship is swarming with Hirogen, it is fortunate that the Jeffries Tubes are sound proofed.
Janeway: <grinning> What can I say? When it comes to making love, this girl tends to get a little gung-ho!
Seven: <quirks implant above left eye> ‘Gung-ho’? I have assimilated many texts on human sexual practices, but I have not come across that method.
Janeway: Perhaps you need some hands on tuition.

<Janeway turns round and pushes Seven onto her back, clambering on top of her in the enclosed space>

Janeway: Have I ever told you how sexy you look in black?
Seven: I do not believe that you have.
Janeway: Though…<eyes Seven up and down>…I think you'd look even sexier out of it

<Janeway yanks off Seven's top and starts sucking on her breasts>

Seven: Ohhhh, Captain…

<Janeway slowly travels down Seven's body, easing down her trousers, pulling down her pants and then feasting wantonly on her>

<Janeway looks up for a moment>

Janeway: God, I love the French, so delicious!

<Janeway carries on ravishing Seven. Eventually, after Seven has also tested the sound proofing, Janeway sidles back up the borg’s body>

Janeway: Who needs Chateau Latour '29, when I can just drink you!
Seven: How about the ‘69?
Janeway: I don’t think I’ve heard of that vintage
Seven: It is quite rare, though luckily I have saved some just for you

<Seven pulls Janeway down into a passionate kiss and then proceeds to demonstrate the 69 position with great aplomb>

Janeway: <breathless> Well, you certainly popped my cork, Seven

<Janeway and Seven put their clothes back on and carry on down the Jeffries tube>

<Now back to the episode as shown…>

<Meanwhile at Katrine’s the other crewmembers hear a sound from behind the bar. Grabbing their weapons, they aim at the Jeffries tube hatch. The door swings open to reveal the captain>

Janeway: Hold your fire!

<Janeway crawls out of Jeffries tube, stands and wipes her mouth. She is quickly followed by Seven>

(n.b. this whole scene was inspired by the fact that in the actual episode as shown, Janeway can actually be seen to wipe her mouth after clambering out of the Jeffries Tube with Seven)