Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 6


(This one’s a bit different – this time we have an alternative version of the scene, which TPTB decided to change at the last minute as it was too racy. They did keep some of the same lines though, in the scene that aired, marked with a *)

<Janeway tries to teach Seven about…ahem…fantasy and imagination (!) in the Da Vinci simulation in the holodeck>

*Janeway: The first rule is – don’t be afraid of the clay
*Seven: I fear nothing
*Janeway: I mean you can’t concern yourself with making a mistake or whether the image you have in your mind is what’s taking form in front of you. You just have to let your hands…and the clay…do the work. Here…

<Janeway gives Seven the piece of clay>

<…and now for what the scene originally was before they altered it to have Seven tamely fiddling around with that nose…>

<Seven looks at the clay sceptically for a minute and then flings it onto Janeway’s tunic top where it makes a nice brown splat on the bosom>

Janeway: Seven! Why did you do that?
Seven: I am…uncertain. For some reason it seemed appropriate.
Janeway: Well, now I’m all dirty, I guess I’d better take this tunic top off.

<Janeway removes her black and red top to reveal a grey t-shirt, Seven tenses at the sight and starts to breath more rapidly>

Janeway: It’s all right, Seven, I brought you here to relax, remember.
*Seven: The concept of relaxation is difficult for me to understand
Janeway: Hmm, well maybe I can help you. Here, why don’t we try the potter’s wheel together instead?

<Seven sits down at the potter’s wheel. She gasps as Janeway comes and sits in between her legs in front of her, back to Seven. Janeway starts the wheel going and plonks a lump of clay on it>

Janeway: Here, give me your hands…

<Seven reaches round and grasps Janeway’s breasts>

Janeway: Ahem…I meant put them on the clay, Seven.
Seven: Of course, Captain, I don’t know what came over me.

<Seven puts her hands on the spinning clay. Janeway adds her hands on top>

*Janeway: <seductively> I get a great deal of pleasure in working the clay.
Seven: Indeed, it is a…stimulating sensation.
Janeway: Now, have a go at forming something, whatever’s in your mind.
Seven: I will try, though I do not fully understand the purpose of this endeavour.
*Janeway: It’s a way of exploring aspects of yourself that probably didn’t fit into your life as a borg – imagination, creativity, fantasy…
*Seven: I am uncertain why these things are necessary
Janeway: Are you sure about that?
Seven: Captain?
Janeway: Well, you seem to have made an…interesting form there…

<Seven looks down at the wheel to see she has made the shape of a breast, complete with erect nipple>

Janeway: So that's what was on your mind was it?
Seven: My apologies, Captain.
Janeway: Don’t apologise, Seven.

<Seven starts to move away, but Janeway holds her hands in place on the clay breast>

*Janeway: Imagination frees the mind…it can provide a great deal of pleasure…

<Janeway starts to fondle the clay nipple and Seven’s fingers at the same time, while leaning back and gyrating against Seven. Suddenly Seven takes a handful of the clay and smears it down Janeway’s t-shirt front. Janeway turns to look at her inquisitively>

Seven: You did tell me to let my hands…and the clay…do the work.
Janeway: So I did!
Seven: Will you now be removing that garment too, since it is dirty?
Janeway: I guess I better had, hadn’t I?

<Janeway whips off her t-shirt. Just as she’s got it over her head she finds Seven wiping some more clay on her trousers>

Seven: Oh dear, your trousers seem to be dirty too, let me help you remove them.

<Seven rips Janeway’s trousers off. Janeway grabs her own lump of clay and splats it on Seven>

Janeway: Uh-oh, looks like the biosuit has to go!

<Seven deftly takes it off>

Seven: I believe I could get used to this concept of exploring aspects of myself.
Janeway: Why stop at yourself…when there are aspects of others to explore too…
Seven: <quirking her implant> Indeed?

<Janeway guides Seven backwards and motions her to sit in the chair. Janeway straddles her, facing Seven>

Janeway: Now, Seven…

<Janeway takes Seven’s hand and brings it up to her mouth, before sucking her fingers>

Janeway: … why don’t you do what I suggested and let your hand do the work…

<Janeway places Seven’s hand between the captain’s legs>

Janeway: <huskily> Use your imagination, Seven, free your mind and the rest will follow…

<Seven slides her fingers into Janeway>

Janeway: Oh, yes, Seven! Explore me!
Seven: I will comply

<Seven leans forward and sucks on Janeway’s breast while continuing to thrust inside her with her fingers>

Janeway: Oh God, Yes!! Fuck me, Seven!!

From Off Screen: Katarina?

<Janeway leaps off Seven and grabs the sheet off the clay sculpture to cover herself>

Janeway: M..maestro?
DaVinci: What are you doing, Katarina?
Janeway: Er…um…it’s…er….it’s an anatomy lesson! Yes, that’s it!
DaVinci: It does not look like any lesson I’ve ever had.
Seven: <unabashed> It is hands on instruction. <To Janeway> Remind me to delete his character next time I am in here.

<Janeway tuts at her. DaVinci approaches and Seven gets up, noticing something off in the corner that has caught her eye>

DaVinci: Maybe you could give me a lesson too, Katarina?
Janeway: Er, I don’t think so…Computer, delete the DaVinci character.

<DaVinci disappears. Janeway spots Seven staring at the bird-thing and having her borg flashback>

*Janeway: Seven, what is it?
*Seven: I don’t know…
Janeway: You look like you could do with a stiff…er…drink. Come on, let’s go back to my quarters…