Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 5

Dark Frontier

<The last scene in the cargo bay where Janeway comes to see Seven>

Seven: I betrayed the crew of Voyager, threatened you with assimilation! I did not expect you to return for me.
Janeway: Looks like you still have a few things to learn.

<Seven merely quirks her eyebrow implant>

Janeway: Time to regenerate.
Seven: When I am finished.
Janeway: No, now. That's an order.
Seven: Yes, Captain.

<Janeway follows Seven to her alcove and tucks her in>

Janeway: Sweet dreams.

<Janeway leaves the regenerating Seven>

<And now for the bit they cut off the end of the episode (due to time constraints of course)… >

<We see Seven still regenerating, then a voice comes from off screen…>

Janeway: Class is now in session!

<Seven opens her eyes>

Seven: <surprised> Captain?
Janeway: I said you still had a few things to learn, so I thought there was no time like the present for a bit of one on one tutoring.
Seven: Since you also instructed me to regenerate, I can only assume that my alcove is some how malfunctioning and I am actually dreaming. No doubt my mind assimilated the last words you spoke to me and has subconsciously constructed this “sweet dream” for me.
Janeway: Indeed.
Seven: In that case, since this is not real, I will be your willing student.
Janeway: <smiling> Good.

<Janeway steps up onto the alcove dais and starts fondling Seven’s breasts>

Seven: Ohhh…I…I certainly approve of this dream my mind has created for me, a shame you would not act this way in reality.
Janeway: <whispering> I want to taste you…
Seven: <breathless> This is a most…stimulating…lesson…

<Janeway starts trying to undo Seven’s biosuit, but is having trouble>

Janeway: Fuck It!

<Janeway rips off the biosuit and then starts to kiss her way down Seven’s body>

Seven: Ohhh…I think…my…cortical node…is going…to…overload…

<Janeway sucks on Seven’s nipple>

Seven: <distressed> Captain, I am malfunctioning!
Janeway: <looking up> How so?
Seven: I appear to be…leaking…

<Janeway looks at her quizzically>

Seven: ….down my inner thigh.

<Janeway looks down and smiles>

Janeway: Why don’t I lick that off for you?

<Seven quirks her eyebrow implant and smiles back>


<Janeway kneels down in front of Seven and starts licking up her thigh>

Seven: Ohhhhh!

<As Janeway makes her way higher we pan away and this scene ends – cut to shot of Voyager flying through space. Then we are back in the cargo bay. We can see Seven’s head as she is regenerating in her alcove, a smile on her face. The computer chirps>

Computer: Regeneration cycle complete.

<Seven opens her eyes and we pan back a little to see that her shoulders are actually naked. Seven glances down in surprise and we see her biosuit in shreds on the floor. Seven looks back up in shock>

Seven: Big fucking wha!!!

<Then a smile quirks her lips>

Seven: <to herself> Sweet dreams indeed.