Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 4


<Janeway is trying to teach Seven about compassion in her ready room, but Seven still refuses to help open a singularity to species 8472’s realm>

Janeway: Objection noted, We'll do this without you.
Seven: You will fail.
Janeway: And you have just crossed the line.

<and now for what they didn’t show you…>

Seven: No…

<Seven steps onto the upper level where Janeway is standing and grabs both her arms>

Seven:Now I am crossing the line.

<Seven pulls Janeway to her and kisses her passionately. Janeway manages to break away for a moment, stepping back a couple of paces towards the couch and looking at Seven in surprise>

Janeway: <breathless> Seven, what are you doing?!
Seven: I am investigating this compassion you spoke of.
Janeway: Seven, there is a difference between compassion and passion!
Seven: <deliberates for a moment> I believe you are correct, Captain. I know you already understand compassion, as you have explained. Now I will explain to you my understanding of passion.

<Seven approaches Janeway who backs up until the back of her legs impact the couch>

Seven: Resistance is futile!

<Seven pushes Janeway down onto the couch and pounces on top of her, kissing her deeply. She then starts to nibble down Janeway’s neck>

Janeway: Ohhhhhh…
Seven: Is this explanation of passion acceptable?
Janeway: Oh…god…yes…I mean, no, Seven, we can’t do this!
Seven: Why not?

<Seven starts squeezing Janeway’s breasts>

Janeway: Ohhh…because….ohhhh…because…
Seven: Yes?

<Seven moves her hand down Janeway’s body and between her legs>

Janeway: Ohhhh…
Seven: I believe what you say and what you desire are two different things. I think you do want to do this. I think you want to fuck me!
Janeway: I can’t…
Seven: Yes, you can, you are the captain, you can do whatever you want – fuck me, Captain, fuck me hard!
Janeway: No!

<Janeway manages to push Seven off and leap up from the couch>

Janeway: You’re right, I am captain, which is why I can not do this.
Seven: But I know you want to. I know you’d love to throw me over your desk right now and have me…
Janeway: No…
Seven: …to tear off my biosuit, to touch my breasts - I have seen the way you stare at them!
Janeway: I do not!
Seven: I can recite to you each and every occasion if you wish, though we may be here some time.

<Janeway just death glares her for a moment>

<…and so back to the originally aired scene…>

Janeway: End of debate. Report to the cargo bay and remain there until this is over. Is that understood?

<Seven exits without another word>