Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 3

Infinite Regress

<Sickbay – Janeway comes to stand by Seven who has been manifesting multiple personalities>

Janeway: Your job is to keep trying, to hold on, even when you think you can't. Leave the rest to me and the crew.

<Janeway and Seven stare at each other>

<And now for the missing part… >

<The computer cheeps, there’s an incoming communication for sickbay>

Torres: <over the comm> Torres to sickbay, we have a medical emergency in engineering.
Doc: On my way, Lieutenant.
Doc: <to Janeway> Can you stay with Seven until I get back? You shouldn’t have any problems, the neural inhibitor should prevent any more personalities manifesting for the time being.
Janeway: Of course, Doctor. Go, we’ll be fine.

<The Doctor leaves. Janeway turns back to Seven, only to see her eyeing Janeway up in a strange way>

Seven: Do-raq mee-roch
Janeway: I beg your pardon?

<realisation dawns quickly, Janeway takes a couple of steps back>

Janeway: Who are you?
Seven: I am the Son of K’Vok!
Janeway: Oooo-kay….well, er, Son of K’Vok, if you’d just like to take a seat…

<Janeway is backing up towards the forcefield control>

Seven: Come warrior, let me look at you!

<Seven grabs Janeway’s arm, pulls her towards her and then sniffs her neck>

Seven: Are you worthy of a Klingon warrior, human pu-cha?
Janeway: <deciding she better play along> Er…what do I need to do to show you I am worthy <hoping it involves some Klingon bashing ritual and she can make a break for it>
Seven: Be quiet, human, and lie down!

<Seven throws Janeway onto the biobed and leaps on top of her, straddling her>

Janeway: Oh my!

<Seven bends down and bites Janeway’s neck>

Janeway: <can’t control her desire> Ohhhhh!
Seven: Your blood is sweet! You will make an excellent mate!

<Seven rips Janeway’s tunic open and roughly squeezes her breasts>

Janeway: Ooooh!
Seven: Good, human, show me that you are worthy!
Janeway: <panting> and… <gasp> what else… <sigh> must I do to show you I am worthy?

<Seven bends down and kisses Janeway passionately for long moments>

Seven: <breathing heavily> Well done, human, you have passed the first test.

<Janeway is speechless for a moment>

Janeway: So…what must I do next?
Seven: <with a wicked grin> You must do nothing…except show me your enjoyment.

<Seven slides her hand down janeway’s trousers>

Janeway: Oh god…oh, yes, Seven…Son of K’Vok…fuck me now!

<camera pans away as Seven thrusts into Janeway>


<Sickbay still. We see Janeway’s face – she is lying on a biobed, her hair disarrayed. We pan down slightly to see her shoulders are naked. Then Seven’s head comes up Janeway’s body and into shot. Her hair is also now loose>

Seven: You are doing well, human, but you still have a way to go to prove your honour.
Janeway: oh…my…god…please, no more…

<Janeway frantically reaches for a hyprospray and injects it into Seven’s neck. She rolls Seven off onto the bed and picks up her clothing, which is scattered all over the sickbay floor, and puts it on. She’s just attaching her final pip as the doctor comes back in>

Doctor: <noting the unconscious Seven> Captain? Was there a problem?
Janeway: <Smoothing down her hair> Er…yes…we had a visit from the Son of K’Vok again, I had to sedate her.

<The Doctor comes over to check on Seven. Then turns quizzically to the Captain>

Doctor: Strange.
Janeway: What is it?
Doctor: The neural inhibitor has been working perfectly, it shows that there have been no “visitors” while I’ve been away.

<Janeway looks shocked for a moment>

Janeway: Er…well…I have to…I have to…er…get back to the bridge!

<Janeway scuttles out of sickbay into an empty corridor. Once the door has closed she leans on the corridor wall. She puts her hand up to her lips, and then a smile breaks across her face. She turns to head off down the corridor, walking somewhat gingerly>

<And so back to the originally shown stuff…>

<Janeway enters the bridge and slumps tiredly in her seat>

Chakotay: Meet anyone interesting?
Janeway: Hmm...<quickly thinks of a lie> Just finished swapping jokes with a Bolian manicurist. Before that, I was debating the finer points of temporal physics with a Krenim scientist. 12 new personalities have surfaced in the past hour alone.

<Janeway rubs her eyes, obviously worn out from proving her worthiness to Seven>

Janeway: Seven's having a rough time of it, the…Doctor…had to sedate her.

<she’s good at this bending the truth thing!>