Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 2

Killing Game (part one)

<In the Nazi headquarters, Janeway, not knowing who she really is, pulls out her pistol and points it at Seven’s back>

Janeway: Step away, or I'll kill you.

<Seven turns round slowly>

Janeway: I told you - no more mistakes. You've just made your last one.

< and here we have the omitted part of the scene… >

Janeway: Any last requests?
Seven: Just one
Janeway: Come on then, spit it out, what is it?
Seven: I want you to fuck me.

< Janeway considers for a moment>

Janeway: Well, who am I to refuse a final request!

<Janeway shoves Seven up against the wall, tugs at Seven’s belt and lets her trousers fall to the floor>

Janeway: I’m going to fuck you hard!
Seven: Yes, Captain…I mean Katrine, please do!

<Janeway gets down on her knees>

Janeway: Oh yeah, you dirty whore, you want it bad don’t you, you blonde bitch, I’m going to…

<Janeway is cut off by her neural interface being disabled, Seven quickly yanks up her trousers in Janeway’s momentary confusion. Janeway is still kneeling>

Janeway: Seven? What the hell is going on, why am I kneeling in front of you?
Seven: Er…you dropped your pips?
Janeway: But I don’t have any pips on this outfit
Seven: Well, I can see two…

<As Janeway looks down at her chest an explosion from outside brings her back to her senses and the scene proceeds as before…>