Voyager Missing Scenes by Raspy and Sazzy


Number 1

Year Of Hell (part 2)

Day 226
(this is the actual day shown in the episode, note this – it is important!)

<Janeway gives Tuvok a farewell hug and Seven leads him away by the arm. Janeway comes to sit forlornly in her command chair on an empty bridge. The scene originally ended here. What happened next is what TPTB didn’t want you to see…Suddenly Janeway hears the turbolift doors open behind her and leaps up to see who’s there>

Janeway: <surprised> Seven? I though I ordered you to go to the Mawasi ship?

<Seven comes to stand on the lower level with Janeway>

Seven: That is correct Captain.
Janeway: <confused> Then what are you doing here?
Seven: I did not say goodbye to you properly.
Janeway: Oh, right, well, goodbye Seven, nice knowing you <Janeway shakes Seven’s hand>
Seven: I believe I would like a goodbye like the one Lieutenant Tuvok received.

<Janeway looks at her for a moment, shrugs and gives her a hug. As she goes to pull away Seven holds onto her arms>

Seven: I have noted that we will not actually reach Annorax’s timeship until Day 257. Since that is in 31 days time, it seems highly illogical that you evacuated everyone from the ship already. I can only conclude that you secretly wanted me to come back here, which is why you did not say goodbye to me the first time.
Janeway: <innocently> I’m not sure what you’re getting at, Seven
Seven: I believe that it was a deliberate ploy on your part so that we could have the ship to ourselves.
Janeway: For what purpose?

<Seven merely raises her ocular implant before continuing>

Seven: There is also the fact that when we get there we are either going to die or punch the great big reset button in the sky, so we can pretty much do what we like for the next month.
Janeway: Really?
Seven: Indeed. What I am trying to say is that we can finally shag to our hearts content…anywhere we like.
Janeway: You mean…like here in my chair?
Seven: Yes
Janeway: <grinning> Well, what are you waiting for, do it, Seven, now!

< Seven throws Janeway back into the command chair and pounces on her>

Janeway: Oh, by the way, I need to have enough energy left to crawl sexily across the floor and bounce my breasts about on Day 257.
Seven: I cannot guarantee that.
Janeway: Oh, well, never mind, just fuck me then, Seven!
Seven: I will comply.

Day 257
(again this is the actual day shown in the episode)

<< Janeway gets up from her command chair, barely able to walk after a month’s rampant sex with Seven >>