Parlour Games

By MercyCroft and Sazzy

May 2004


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fan fiction but uses characters that are copyright of Paramount Pictures.  No infringement on their respective copyrights is intended by the authors in any way. This story is concerning an all female relationship so if you don’t like that then look away now.

Codes: J/7

Rating: NC-17

Time period: This story is set some time around the 6th season of Voyager

Summary: The crew relax by playing a few party games that that get a bit out of hand.  This piece of fanfic was inspired by MercyCroft’s short piece “Patty Cake” which first appeared on


“Right Foot Green!”


Seven of Nine watched as Chakotay lifted his right foot and placed it on one of the coloured circular spots on the white mat in front of him.  She puzzled over how exactly she had come to be standing here playing this “game”.  It had seemed a fairly innocuous invite, to join the senior staff in the Captain’s Quarters for a social gathering.  The Doctor was always encouraging her to socialise with the crew more, so this had seemed like a perfect opportunity.  Added to this was the fact that the Captain had asked her personally and for some reason Seven was finding it harder to refuse whenever the Captain requested anything.


However, the evening had taken an unexpected turn when Tom Paris had suggested playing some “parlour games”.  Seven was unfamiliar with this term, the collective having little use for retaining memories of frivolous pursuits.  So she had watched with interest as the others had participated in a number of these games, becoming increasingly competitive as the night wore on.  She had managed to watch from afar until Tom had produced a game called “Twister”.  The others had encouraged her to play, suggesting that she would be a “natural”.  Seven seriously doubted this, but when the Captain gave her one of those strange little looks that she always seemed to be proffering her, Seven found herself getting up to join in.


So here she was…playing.  Of course she did play other games, Velocity with the Captain and Kadis Kot with Naomi, but this just seemed so…..childish. But then it was Tom Paris’ suggestion, so what could she have expected?


The others had told her briefly what the rules were, but said that she would soon understand what to do anyway.  There were four of them playing the game, with Tom as the caller and referee.  Chakotay stood to her left, along the side of the mat that had 6 green circles in a row, with his right foot now on the third circle from her end.  Opposite her stood Harry Kim, with 4 different coloured circles in front of him: green, yellow, blue and red.  To her right stood the Captain, along the side of the mat that had 6 red circles in a row. 



She suddenly noticed that the Captain was looking at her with amusement on her features.


“No need to look so scared, Seven” she said, “We promise to take it easy on you.”


Seven thought she detected an almost imperceptible wink from the Captain and found that she was wondering if someone had increased the temperature setting on the environmental controls. 


“Left foot blue,” called Paris after spinning the wheel on the small square board he was holding.


Harry Kim placed his left foot on the blue circle immediately in front of him.  So far Seven really couldn’t understand what the interest in this game was.


“Right hand yellow,” called Paris again, for the Captain’s turn.


The Captain reached over and placed her right hand on the fourth yellow circle in front of Seven.  Suddenly Seven realised that perhaps this game could be interesting after all, as she now had a very good view of the Captain’s backside.  As she began to feel rather warm she concluded that there was definitely something wrong with those environmental controls, despite the fact that her biosuit should have been regulating her temperature anyway.


“OK, Seven,” said Paris, breaking Seven study of the distracting sight in front of her, “Right hand blue for you.”


Seven crouched down and put her right hand on the second blue circle from her end.  She glanced up and almost lost her balance and fell over, which would have of course meant her losing the game.  She was determined she definitely didn’t want to do that, as in front of her now she had a perfect view straight down the Captain’s shirt.  Seven found that she was staring and tried to avert her eyes, but not before the Captain had noticed.


“Seven, are you alright?” she asked.


“Y-yes, Captain,” Seven stammered.


The Captain’s mouth twitched into a faint smile, or was it a….smirk?


Seven couldn’t believe the Captain had agreed to play while wearing that cream shirt she had worn for Neelix’s Prixin celebration some months ago.  It had been obvious to Seven the first time she saw the Captain in it that it would become revealing once the Captain bent over, not that Seven had spent many evenings in Cargo Bay 2 thinking about such things, of course.


“Left foot blue,” instructed Tom for Chakotay’s second go.


The Commander put his left foot on the fourth blue circle from Seven’s end.  He was now partly straddling the Captain, his groin area rather too close to the Captain’s face for Seven’s liking.  She didn’t understand why he had felt the need to pick that particular circle and clenched her left borg hand to try and control the anger she felt rising within her.


“Right hand yellow,” Harry was ordered by Tom.


The Ensign put his hand on the second yellow circle from his end, his face now perilously close to Chakotay’s bottom.  Out of the corner of her eye, Seven could see B’Elanna and Neelix sharing some sort of joke at this move, but Seven didn’t quite understand why a man being close to Chakotay’s rear was funny.


“Left hand red,” was the Captain’s next required move.


She placed her left hand on the second red circle from Seven’s end.  Seven gulped at the sudden lump in her throat, as this move meant the Captain was now almost directly facing her, giving Seven an even better view down her top.  Seven tried to resist looking but couldn’t help noticing part of a soft breast barely hidden under the shirt. 


She almost missed her turn again as Paris called out “Left foot green” for her.


Seven put her left foot on the second green circle from her end, next to the one with Chakotay’s right foot.  She thought it prudent to get close to the Commander to try and block him off.  She could now understand why the others had become so competitive in their games as she found she had the strong desire to beat the tattooed man.


That desire escalated as the “Right hand yellow” instruction given to Chakotay next meant he reached over the top of Seven to place his hand behind her on the yellow circle closest to her end.  She could feel his chest hovering uncomfortably close to her head.


Seven, the Captain and Chakotay were now firmly ensconced at Seven’s end of the board yet Harry still managed to get in a tangle when Tom ordered him to put his right foot on a red circle.  The young Ensign crashed to the mat in embarrassment.  Seven felt a bit sorry for him; he was just too short to be an effective player of this game, though that didn’t seem to be stopping the Captain.


“Looks like you’re out, Harry,” laughed Tom as the Ensign scrambled off the mat to join B’Elanna, The Doctor and Neelix in watching the rest of the game. “OK, Captain, right foot blue.”


The Captain manoeuvred her right foot just under her body, on the third blue circle from Seven’s end.  This had the effect of pushing her breasts up slightly, almost poking out of the low cut shirt.  As her heart rate increased some what, Seven noticed that Chakotay also seemed to be taking a keen interest in the spectacle and resolved that it was time for the Commander’s participation in this game to cease.


“Right foot green,” was her next move and she could immediately see this gave her just the right opportunity to achieve her goal.


She shifted slightly so that she could bring her right leg out from underneath her and forward, aiming for the fourth green circle from her end.  As her leg was passing Chakotay’s right foot on the third circle, she gave a slight nudge to his foot, hoping that no one would notice amongst the mass of tangled limbs.  The Commander’s right foot slid backwards, off the mat, and he came crashing down on top of Seven.  Her enhanced borg strength allowed her to remain hovering above the floor as Chakotay bounced off her and sprawled onto the carpet.


As the watchers laughed at the sight of the Commander in a heap on the floor, Chakotay shot Seven an inquisitive look, obviously trying to work out if she had done it deliberately.  She merely raised the implant above her left eye and said nothing.  He looked like he was about to say something, but obviously decided better of it and just sighed and got up to join the others.


Now it was just Seven and the Captain left.  Seven was facing upwards her chest pointing at the ceiling, with her left and right feet on the second and fourth green circles from her end, while her right hand was behind her on the second blue circle.  The Captain, meanwhile, was in a crouching position facing Seven, her face roughly level with Seven’s chest.  Her right hand was on the fourth yellow circle, adjacent to Seven’s right foot, while her left hand rested on the second red circle next to Seven’s right hand. Her right foot was on the third blue circle between them.


“Left hand blue,” called Tom for the Captain.


The Captain picked up her left hand and, with a slight grunt at the stretch involved, placed it on the first blue circle at Seven’s end.  This meant she was now leaning over Seven, the opening of the cream shirt dangling in Seven’s face.  The Captain’s chest was so close that she could smell the perfume that she was wearing.  She breathed in deeply through her nose, partly to try and calm herself and partly to inhale some more of the wonderful aroma.  She was glad the rest of her ship mates couldn’t see her face, obscured as it was by the Captain’s shirt, as she was sure it was probably a fetching shade of red at this moment.


“Right foot blue, Seven, if you can hear me under there,” joked Tom.


Seven looked down her body and re-positioned her right foot onto the fourth blue circle, it being the closest free one from her end, shifting the rest of her body slightly too.  As she looked up she found that she was now looking directly into a pair of deep blue eyes.  She was captivated and it took her a moment to realise she had actually stopped breathing altogether.  She took an almighty gulp of air that came out as a gasp.  Since their faces were mere centimetres apart the Captain couldn’t help but notice and she smiled back at Seven in amusement, making Seven think that the Captain knew precisely the affect she was having.  Was this why she had been so keen for Seven to join in this particular game?  The Captain was also breathing heavily, though Seven wasn’t sure if that was due to the exertions of the game or some other reason.


Seven was surprised she could hear Paris’ next instruction, her heart was thumping so loudly, but she just about caught the “Right hand blue” directed at the Captain.


The Captain removed her right hand from its present location on the fourth blue circle and looked around to see where she could put it instead.  As her head turned, the Captain’s auburn hair brushed across Seven’s face and she closed her eyes at the pleasant sensation.  Obviously the Captain was having some difficulty selecting a new circle, as she seemed to be deliberating for quite some time.  Finally she turned back to look at Seven, still not having put her right hand down.  Seven opened her eyes, though she thought the Captain must have spotted her revelling in the delightful feel of the Captain’s hair on her face.


“Looks like there’s only one place to put it,” the Captain whispered huskily, her breath ghosting over Seven’s lips.


Wondering what she meant, Seven glanced down in time to see the Captain’s hand heading towards the mat directly between Seven’s legs.


Seven’s eyes shot back up to the Captain’s face and she stared wide-eyed at the older woman, fear and anticipation warring within her.  The Captain seemed momentarily distracted too as her hand brushed the inside of Seven’s right thigh on its way downward.  The thrill that shot through Seven’s body at the contact overwhelmed her and she let out a small moan as her arms quivered before giving way, dumping her on her bottom underneath the Captain.


The Captain glanced at her as she stood up, a playful smile curving the corners of her mouth.


“Good game, Seven,” she said, offering Seven a hand so she could get up too.


Seven took a moment to compose herself before taking the offered hand and clambering to her feet.


“It seems you know how to play this game too well, Captain,” Seven remarked, managing to inject some of her normal borg coolness and a touch of sarcasm into her voice to try and hide her still racing heart.


“Well, practise makes perfect,” the Captain replied with a laugh.  She leaned closer to Seven. “Maybe I can give you a few tips some time,” she added in a more hushed tone, accompanying it with a small wink.


Seven was left momentarily speechless as the Captain turned to the others.


“So, what’s the next game?”





“How does everyone feel about a round of Blind Man’s Buff?”


“What exactly is it that we are expected to buff, Lieutenant?” 


Paris snickered, and let Seven’s question hang in the air.  Seven’s mind turned inexplicably to the Captain’s first “Twister” manoeuvre – the one that had brought Janeway’s rear so deliciously close to Seven’s face.


What was it that they would buff?  And why sightlessly?


Tom extended a hand towards the Captain.  Seven felt a sudden urge to swat it away.  But that would look strange.  She would let it go.  After all, he didn’t seem to be moving to touch her.  Instead, he gently took the translucent fine mesh scarf around the Captain’s neck between thumb and forefinger, and slid it from her shoulders, with a flirtatious,


“I think we’ll need to borrow this, Captain”. 


There was still time to swat him, Seven decided.  Perhaps not on the hand, but on the head.  Right in the face.  But it wouldn’t be polite while he was talking to her.


“After your disappointing near-win at “Twister”, Seven, I think we should give you a chance to redeem yourself.”


“What is it that I am required to do?”  Paris was already doubling the scarf over twice and approaching her.


“We tie this around your eyes.  We scatter, and you have to try and catch one of us.  When you do, you identify us.”


“How is this done?”


“You feel your way.” 


And then the world turned pink with white floral patches. 


Seven didn’t want to spoil the party atmosphere by announcing that her borg senses alerted her not only to the exact position of all lifesigns in the room, but also to the identity of each lifesign.  In any case, this could be used interestingly, and to her advantage.


She hadn’t much experience in the “game” of social interaction, and certainly no acquaintance with the rules of romance.  But she knew that the Captain had been flirting with her during their game of “Twister”.  It was time to play along.



Borg senses















She stumbled a little and grabbed handfuls of the air, for show.  Then she made her way towards Chakotay.  Not surprisingly, he did not attempt to move out of her path.  He simply waited, in what Seven, could she have seen the expression on his face, would have judged smug anticipation.  Still clawing the air like a boxing tiger, making an impressive effort at appearing disorientated, Seven brought her right hand into sudden smacking contact with Chakotay’s left ear.




“Aha!  Commander Chakotay!”


She seized the opportunity to let slip her knowledge of his identity. 


“I apologise for the inadvertent collision.  However, with your involuntary… ejaculation, you have now “given yourself away”. Is it correct,” she called to no one in particular, “that I should now proceed to the next individual?”


Tom was slow to respond through badly hidden giggles, “Go ahead, Seven.” 


She turned sharply, her knee impacting Chakotay’s groin area.  Entirely by accident.  It didn’t encounter a resistance of much bulk, but still garnered a “Bloody h…” from the pained Commander.  Chakotay attended to, with pseudo-unsteady short steps, Seven made her way towards Captain Janeway.


Kathryn was hiding in a corner.  As much as her heart raced at the prospect of being legitimately felt up by Seven of Nine, she honestly couldn’t predict how she would deal with the reality of it.  A wink and a flirt were exciting, but Seven was about to touch her.  Yes, the bloody borg was heading for her, arms outstretched towards – this was too perfect, something here was planned – of course, Seven’s Borg senses would detect – and then Seven’s hands were on her face.


Gently, very gently.  Kathryn’s knees buckled, but Seven cupped her cheeks, with her thumbs sliding under her chin, holding her and not letting her fall.  No one watching noticed the falter.


“A small face.”


Seven ran her index fingers along Kathryn’s jawline.  Her thumbs brushed the skin beneath her eyes.


“High cheekbones.”


Her right hand tilted her chin upwards and to the side, and her left index finger felt slowly from the centre of her forehead, beneath her hairline, and down the perfect profile to the dimple under her chin.  Kathryn looked carefully at the beautiful, blind Borg.  She began to look a little desperately, needing to see Seven’s eyes.  She was searching for their outline through the flowers.  As Seven’s fingertip approached her lips – and she honestly couldn’t say whether she did it instinctively, coincidentally or deliberately – she licked her lips.  Seven could feel Kathryn’s tongue touch her quickly and hotly, and Kathryn could taste Seven’s finger touching her tongue gently and coolly.  They both breathed in sharply.


Kathryn forgot that anyone else was in the room.  Seven’s senses ignored the other lifesigns present.  Harry cupped his hands over his crotch.  Chakotay’s had been crushed by Seven’s knee, so he didn’t need to bother.


Seven felt herself growing bolder.  She traced an accurate path down the outside of Kathryn’s arms, and back up the insides.  Kathryn glanced down.  Seven’s hands were approaching… if she moved them in a little… oh, move them in a little.  Seven felt herself saying something.


“Oh, Captain”.


Kathryn tore the blindfold off Seven.  Hurriedly she took control of the situation.


“Yes, Seven!  You’re right.  It’s me!”


There was a moment’s silence.  Then Tom Paris clapped three times, slowly and loudly.


“Well done, Seven.  You scored.”




Ten minutes later, Janeway sat on the couch in her quarters, trepidation building within her.  After the abrupt end to Blind Man’s Buff she had plonked herself down here to try and compose herself.  She knew she had been flirting outrageously with Seven during “Twister” but hadn’t expected it to come back and bite her in such a fashion…though she wouldn’t mind Seven biting….No!….Stop it!…she told the little devil inside her mind.


She just couldn’t seem to help herself round the young woman.  Normally she could restrict herself to just staring at various parts of Seven’s anatomy, hoping she didn’t notice, but the proximity of her body during the past two games had driven her crazy.  Yes, that must be it; temporary insanity was the cause of her behaviour….nothing to do with the fact that she had been attracted to Seven for months, nope…no way.


Luckily Seven had gone over to the console on the Captain’s desk to study something after the game, rather than follow her to the couch, giving Janeway a bit of breathing space.  She knew she had to try and calm this situation, any more games like the last two and her heart was liable to beat so fast that it could sprint out the door and once round the ship before anyone noticed it was gone.  And as for her legs, they had gone so wobbly when Seven had touched her face that it was a miracle she had made it to the couch with any semblance of dignity.   There was only one thing for it; she would have to cut out the flirting.  It wasn’t fair on Seven anyway, having the person who was supposed to be her teacher and mentor making suggestive remarks and overtures the whole time, it was practically sexual harassment!  Not that Seven seemed to be complaining…


Shortly after she sat down, Tom had started explaining the next game, which was called “Switch”.  Basically the game involved everyone’s name being written on a piece of paper and put in a “hat” (also known as Janeway’s coffee cup).  Two names were then drawn out and they had to go to the Captain’s bathroom where the lights had been completely darkened and the door closed and exchange clothes (not including underwear, thankfully) with each other in the pitch black.  The pair that switched clothes the quickest was the winner.


As soon as Kathryn had heard the game explained she began to fear over who she may be paired with.  Of course, there were seven of them, so there was a chance she wouldn’t have to do the game at all, and then only a one in six chance that she would be paired with a certain blonde astrometrics officer if she did have to participate.  However, as the first two pairs came and went she began to feel that today was not her day.


First up were B’Elanna and Harry, followed by Tom and Neelix – it had at least given her one laugh seeing Tom wearing one of Neelix’s usual garish creations when they had emerged from the bathroom.


So that just left her, Chakotay and Seven.  Tom pulled out the first name.


“The Captain!” he announced.


Great! Groaned Kathryn inwardly, though she found that part of her was also glad that Chakotay wasn’t going with Seven.  But now there was a 50/50 chance she was about to be sent to a darkened room where Seven would remove her clothes.  She could feel a nervous sweat prickling at her neck and she struggled to keep her breathing even.  As Tom delved for the second name she secretly prayed.


Chakotay……….please………let it be Chakotay…


“Seven!” called Tom.


Kathryn let out a strangled gasp, which she quickly covered up as a cough.  What were the fates trying to do to her?  Unless….She looked at the smug expression on Tom’s face…..He had rigged it, damn him!  She made a mental note to assign extra waste reclamation duties to Ensign Paris.


“Off you go then,” said Tom with a smirk.


Janeway shot him a level ten death glare before getting up and heading towards the bathroom.  She could do this, she was a Starfleet Captain.  She could cope with taking her clothes off with someone else in the room, even if they were stunningly beautiful and you just wanted to….arghhh!will you shut up!…she berated the little devil.


It was a moment before she realised that Seven was not following and she turned to regard the woman.  Seven seemed to be rooted to the spot.


“Seven?” enquired Janeway.


Seven visibly started.


“Sorry, Captain, I am coming…”


Oh, I wish…interjected Kathryn’s inner devil before she could silence it.


As they got to the bathroom door, Janeway placed a restraining hand on Seven’s arm for a moment.


“Oh, and Seven…” she began.


“Yes, Captain?”


“No cheating this time,” she added giving Seven a knowing look.


Seven obviously realised she had been rumbled for her behaviour in Blind Man’s Buff and Kathryn thought she caught a slight blush spreading across the young woman’s cheeks.


“I will de-activate the borg implants that enhance my visual acuity,” Seven stated, though was that a slight tone of…disappointment…in her voice?


With that they entered the bathroom, shut the door and were plunged into total darkness.


Kathryn carried on walking into the room, not wanting to have Seven bump into her from behind, and walked straight into the sink.


“Shit!” she cried.


“Captain, are you damaged?” came Seven’s concerned voice from behind her.


At least she now knew where the young woman was, even if she couldn’t see her.  It really was totally dark without the lights on and no amount of squinting seemed to be able to get her eyes accustomed to it.


“Yes, I’m fine, Seven, just a small bump, you can stay where you are.  I presume you can’t see a thing either?”


“You are correct in your presumption,” replied Seven.


“Right, well I suppose we’d better get on with this then.  Why don’t I give you my shirt first?”


She proceeded to un-button the silky, cream top and removed it from her slender shoulders.  She suddenly felt rather exposed standing in just her bra, despite the fact that she knew Seven couldn’t see her.  She realised her nipples had stiffened under the lacy undergarment.  Must be the chill, she reasoned to herself.  She held the shirt out at arms length in the direction she hoped Seven was standing.


“There you go.”


“Thank you, Captain,” Seven said as her hands groped in the air, finally closing over the shirt.


Kathryn waited patiently for Seven to put the shirt on.  After what seemed like an eternity Seven still had not said anything.  Kathryn might have thought she was alone in the room, apart from the fact that she could almost sense the young woman’s presence and if she concentrated really hard she could just make out the faint sound of her breathing.


“Is everything ok?” Kathryn finally said.


“I seem to be having some difficulty with this garment,” replied Seven with a tone of dismay in her voice, “I am unaccustomed to buttons.  I believe I need your assistance.”


Kathryn gulped and she was sure the sound echoed round the entire room.  She definitely wasn’t feeling that “chill” now, in fact she could feel her palms growing distinctly sweaty at the prospect of helping Seven put the shirt on.


Kathryn took a deep breath, “Ok, stay where you are,” she ordered.


She took a few tentative steps in the direction that Seven’s voice had come from, an arm outstretched in front of her.  She moved it slowly from side to side as she stepped until she made contact with something silky.  She clasped Seven’s arm.


A sudden wave of excitement shot through her at the thought of Seven wearing her own shirt and she had to take a moment just holding the arm, trying to resist the temptation to stroke her hand up and down it and feel the silkiness of it over the other woman’s skin.


“That is my arm, Captain,” said Seven, stating the obvious.


“Yes, I know, thank you, Seven,” replied the Captain.


“I was unsure, since you did not seem to be proceeding any further.”


Kathryn wondered how the young woman could remain so cool, she herself was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe, not helped by the fact that she knew Seven would be able to hear the raggedness of her breaths. 


She removed her hand from Seven’s arm and moved it in the direction of the centre of the shirt.  Suddenly her fingers brushed over a small protuberance in the shirt.  Seven let out a gasp and Kathryn quickly drew her hand back like she had received an electric shock.


“S-Seven” she stammered, all her normal command composure lying in a puddle on the bathroom floor, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”


“It is all right, Captain,” interjected Seven in a shaky voice, “I realise your touching my nipple was unintentional.” 


Well, Seven definitely didn’t sound cool now, Kathryn mused, slightly grateful that she wasn’t the only nervous one in the room.  She tried to steady herself and stop her hands from shaking as she again reached for the shirt, mercifully finding the two edges this time.  Somehow she managed to fumble the buttons together though it certainly was a tight fit across Seven’s ample chest.  She let out a huge sigh of relief when she was done, realising that she had been holding her breath the whole time.


“Ok, I’ll give you my trousers next, if you…er…” she had to take a moment to clear her throat, “remove the rest of your biosuit,” she finished quickly.


Kathryn closed her eyes, despite the dark, tilted her head back and signed as she listened to the sound of Seven removing her clothes.  Visions of creamy, long, smooth legs floated across her mind.  Legs that ran all the way up to….Will you stop It!...she instructed the inner devil.


She quickly started taking her own trousers off, only then realising that Seven had already finished disrobing while she had been caught in her thoughts and was heading in her direction.


“Seven wait….” She began shooting up from her bending position, with one trouser leg off and the other trailing from her ankle.


She was cut off by six-foot of borg crashing into her as Seven tripped over the loose trousers.


“Ooof!” cried Kathryn as her backside impacted with the carpeted floor, followed by Seven’s body tumbling on top of her.


A myriad of sensations washed over Kathryn as she lay on her back.  She could feel the heat radiating from the other woman’s body as it pressed against hers and Seven’s breath was coming in short gasps as it tickled the hair by Kathryn’s ear.  Kathryn luxuriated in the feel of those long, smooth legs she had been fantasising about moments before sliding against her own naked limbs.


Heat suffused her body and she felt a strange tingling sensation in her stomach, spreading lower.  Those legs truly were wonderful and……oh….my…..god!!


“S-Seven?” choked Kathryn in a strangled whisper.


“Y-Yes, Captain,” replied Seven unsteadily, her face obviously turning slightly as her breath now caressed Kathryn’s lips.


“Do you not wear underwear under your biosuit?”


“I have never seen the need for such garments before,” replied Seven.


“Indeed,” was all Kathryn could manage in reply to that.  She was too absorbed in the feel of short wiry hair brushing against her thigh to formulate a longer sentence. 


Her little devil was screaming at her to lift that thigh….just a little….so that it could rub against…..


“No!” hissed Janeway.


“Pardon, Captain?” questioned Seven, her lips now mere centimetres from Kathryn’s own.


Kathryn realised she had said that out loud and was grateful that the darkness prevented Seven from seeing the deep shade of crimson she obviously was at this point.


“N-nothing….you can get off me now, Seven,” she suggested, resisting the strong urge to close the short distance to those luscious lips.


“Yes, Captain, of course,” answered Seven and Kathryn definitely caught a slight tone of regret in the words.


As Seven clambered up off her, Kathryn’s body practically cried out at the loss of the warmth. 


Janeway got up onto her knees and scrabbled round for her trousers, grateful that she didn’t have to stand immediately as her heart hammered in her chest. She heard another gasp from above her and suddenly realised Seven had not retreated very far and that her own hair was sweeping over Seven’s leg as she fumbled about on the floor at her feet.


“Maybe you ought to back up a bit, Seven?” suggested Janeway.


“Yes, that is probably advisable, Captain,” responded the borg in what was little more than a whisper.


Finally she found the trousers, got up and handed them to Seven who in turn passed her the biosuit.


Janeway took a couple of steps back and leaned against the bathroom wall, the coolness helping to settle the searing heat within her.  She stayed there for a few seconds breathing through her nose to calm herself.  Before she knew what she was doing she had brought the biosuit up to her face and was sniffing it.


She started in shock.  What on earth was she doing?!  Though the scent of Seven on the suit had definitely been intoxicating…


Pushing those thoughts from her mind she attempted to find one of the leg holes of the suit and squeeze herself into it.  The fact that she was already extremely hot and flustered did not help matters and she seemed to be having great difficulty with it.


“Seven, how do you ever get these things on?!” she cried in exasperation.


“I believe you now need *my* assistance, Captain?” Seven asked and Janeway just knew, even without being able to see, that Seven was raising the implant above her left eye at this point.


“There’s no need, I can….”


But before Janeway could finish her objection Seven’s hands were on her hips seeking out the suit.


Kathryn could feel her legs buckling again as the warm hands touched her flesh.


“Er…I haven’t got it up that far yet,” she croaked.


“Yes, I realise that now,” replied the borg, though she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to move her hands.


Eventually she slowly slipped them down the outside of Janeway’s thighs seeking out the suit as Kathryn trembled at the heavenly touch.


“Are you cold, Captain?” asked Seven.


It took a moment for Kathryn to register the question; she had been so distracted by the blissful feeling of Seven stroking her leg.


“What?” she asked to give her time to gather herself.


“You are shivering?” clarified Seven.


“Ah…yes…yes…I am a bit…I only have my underwear on after all,” lied Kathryn.  She couldn’t be less cold if she was standing in the middle of the warp core.


“Then it is best I expediently help you with this suit,” stated Seven.


She deftly slipped it up Kathryn’s body and over her shoulders in one swift motion. Kathryn was a bit disappointed she had managed it so easily until she felt the young woman’s hands fondling the hair at the back of her neck, the long fingers easing through the auburn strands. 


“I need to do up the fastener,” explained Seven, though Kathryn was pretty sure there was no need for her to run her hands quite so seductively through her hair to achieve that.


“I believe we are ready, Captain,” said Seven as she finished with the fastener.


Thank Goodness!! Cried Janeway inwardly, much longer and she would have caved in, forgotten she was the Captain, and ravished Seven right there and then in the bathroom.


Seven activated the door and Janeway blinked at the sudden rush of light before stumbling out of the bathroom to the laughs of the others.




Seven couldn’t breathe.  She glanced down at her chest, at her breasts suffering silently, in the grip of Kathryn’s small shirt.  She realised that she was showing more of her legs than she had ever shown before.  Kathryn’s trousers were shorts on her.  Very tight across the behind.  She shifted, and felt the absence of underwear.

The Captain, on the other hand, was looking quite comfortable.  No doubt enjoying the environmental regulation attributes of the suit, Seven supposed.  She had no way of knowing that Kathryn was actually smiling at the subtle warmth she felt, left in the fabric by Seven’s body.  Seven tried to take her eyes away from the Captain.  The Captain’s eyes met Seven’s.  They stared at each other.   

“Poke her, Seven?”

Surely that was what she had heard, but she scarcely dared believe it.

“I beg your pardon, Lieutenant Paris?”

“Poke her.”

“Who is it that you require me to poke, Lieutenant?”  Seven glanced at the Captain.

Paris’s shoulders shook and he put his head down.  “Seven.  It’s a game.  Poker.

Of course.  Paris would never incite her to poke a superior officer.  It was another game.

“I am unsure of the rules, Lieutenant.”

Paris thought for a long moment.

“Hmm.  I guess they’re pretty complicated for a beginner.  And I only like to smash the best players’ he said with a wink.  Harry’s face fell.  He’d been looking forward to a game of cards.

“But…” Harry’s face picked itself up again, “there is another game we could have a try at.  One that everyone could have a whack at.  And since we have the cards, we might as well use them.”

With that, he shuffled them like an Atlantic City dealer and handed one to everyone in the room.

“Circle, on the floor, legs crossed.”  And they all did as they were told.

“Since we don’t have quite enough chairs, we’ll have to start from the floor.”  Everyone shot him a puzzled look.  “Should make it more fun, though.”  He had a wicked gleam in his eye.  Deftly, he launched a card, face down, in the direction of every crewmember.

Seven looked at her card as though it were an explosive device.  Kathryn, who had positioned herself beside Seven, their knees pressing slightly together with a comfortable pain, carefully peeled her card from the floor and revealed it to herself as though it were exam results.  Neither of them had any idea what significance they were meant to attribute them.

“Look at your card, Seven”, Paris encouraged.  “It won’t bite you.”

Seven took a breath and, with sticking-plaster swiftness, ripped the card from the floor.

“Very well, people.  The rules are simple.  You all have either a red or a black, odd or even card in front of you, correct?”  Everyone gave a negligible nod.  I call out “red” or “black”, “odd” or “even”.  Each of you with a black or an even card moves a “seat” to the right.  Red cards or odd cards move a seat to the left.  First one to return to the seat they’re in now, wins.”

Neelix’s hand went up tentatively.  “Cough cough… Lieutenant?”

“Yes, Neelix?”

“What do we do if there’s someone in the ‘seat’ we have to move into?”

Paris looked at Neelix like he’d sprouted huge blonde whiskers and brown spots.  “You sit on them.”

Neelix spluttered.  This was certainly a dilemma.  Of course, he would never admit his reason, but he was extremely dubious, today of all days, of sitting on the lap of another crewmember.  Last night… in fact, midnight… the need for a snack had come upon him.  A large bowl of leftover leola root stew had assuaged his appetite.  However, at 03:00 hours, during his third trip to the bathroom, he had begun to wonder whether it might not have agreed with him.  Now, he shifted uncomfortably, trying to let go of his wind as quietly as possible.

Squatting triumphantly in the centre of the pow-wow, Tom Paris made his first call.


Kathryn glanced down at her Ace of Spades.  Seven thought the Queen of Hearts looked very pretty.  Somewhat like Kathryn, really, around the chin, she decided, as she settled herself carefully in the Captain’s lap.

Neelix noted that his Jack of Diamonds looked rather constipated.  If only he had a similar problem, he silently bewailed.  Eyeing Chakotay apologetically, he revealed his red card.  The First Officer conceded his Ten of Clubs, and sat ready for Neelix’s descent.  How bad could it be?

Kathryn let out a low moan as Seven made contact.  Between the too-tight top and the trousers she could make out a thin horizon of new flesh.  It looked almost too tempting not to touch.

Neelix settled his buttocks into the large hollow between the Commander’s legs.  Perhaps he would survive this after all.  There seemed to be little down there to disturb Neelix’s rear end, and he seemed to have achieved a balance between allowing pressure to bear on the small mass beneath him, and clenching ever so tightly.  All he needed now, was for everything to remain perfectly still.  Nothing must move.

Without the barrier of underwear, the seams of Kathryn’s trousers were gently interjecting themselves between Seven’s buttocks.  The sensation was moving away from pleasure and towards discomfort.  Before either could prepare themselves, Seven’s tailbone had nestled itself against the heat between Kathryn’s legs, and the Captain breathed out hard and fast against the back of Seven’s neck.

Chakotay was becoming aware of an unusual scent, rising from the point of contact between Neelix and himself.  For a moment, he entertained the bizarre notion that their “joining”, like some unfortunate combination of elements in a chemical reaction, had produced some sort of noxious by-product.  He thought back to Elementary Chemistry.  Perhaps there would be an explosion.

Intrigued by the Captain’s reaction, Seven withdrew slightly, and pressed backwards once more, ever so gently and steadily.  There was the hot breath again.  Forward and backward, forward and backward, the movement too tiny for anyone but the pair to register, the cornflower curls on the back of Seven’s neck tossed in a slow tide, wet from Kathryn’s breath.  Kathryn wanted to cry out.  The colour was high in her face.  She bit back an “Oh God, Seven!”.  If she moved her fingertips just an inch forward… she could  play with the peeping skin - just tickling, then sliding a little further up, and pressing just a little harder – then a little harder.  Just a little harder.

Just a little harder Neelix had to clench, a few more seconds, and all would be well.  Paris drew the next card, and all readied themselves.

Janeway closed her eyes, tilted her head back ever so slightly and bit her lip, hoping that Seven couldn’t sense her arousal.

Chakotay looked to the right and caught the movement.

Kathryn remained oblivious of Chakotay’s scrutiny and dug her fingers into the carpet.

Chakotay saw Kathryn’s flushed face and immediately his proverbial house of cards came crashing to the ground.  Oh, my spirit guides.  Kathryn under Seven.  Enjoying it.  This was unexpected.  Something stirred in his pants.


Neelix felt stirring from beneath.  Dear Lord of Talax.  The Commander was aroused by him.  The shock.  Every muscle in his body relaxed.  Harry, cradling his Five of Spades, dumped himself on top of Neelix, on top of the Commander.

B’Elanna sat down heavily on top of Seven, on top of the Captain.  The pressure was too much.

The air went silent, sweet and sticky with the huge release.





Janeway turned having said her goodnights to Tom, B’Elanna, Harry, Chakotay and a highly embarrassed Neelix to find that there was still one crewmember left in her quarters, and they seemed to be showing no sign of leaving.


“Was there something else, Seven?” she enquired.  There was no obvious reason for the young woman to still be here.  They had already changed back into their own clothes, though Seven had quickly recycled the Captain’s trousers before she could object and replicated a fresh pair.  Janeway had wondered exactly why that was necessary.  Had Seven also felt something during the sitting game?  Was that why she had persisted in making those movements while on her lap?


Janeway noted with interest that the young woman seemed somewhat nervous, not replying immediately and averting her eyes from the Captain’s gaze.  Finally she looked up and spoke.


“I was studying the database earlier, during one of the breaks between games, and found another game that I would like to practise.”


Janeway let out a small laugh.


“It’s late, Seven, can’t this wait to another time?”


That seemed like a perfectly good excuse, she reasoned to herself.  She didn’t really want Seven staying here on her own a moment longer or she might not be responsible for her actions.  The night’s events had sent her emotions into overdrive and she really needed to have a cold shower and go to bed.


“I would like to try this game now,” Seven said intently, “please?”


Janeway was startled.  Please? Seven had said please?  She hardly ever did that, only when she wanted something really badly, like the time she had insisted that she go on the mission to that borg cube because she thought she had to sacrifice herself to save the rest of the crew.  And just as then, the simple word spoken so earnestly by the young woman melted Janeway’s heart. 


“Ok,” she sighed, “One quick game.  So what is it?”


“You may sit down while I replicate the necessary accessories,” replied Seven, evading the question.


Janeway gave the other woman a quizzical look before shrugging and going to sit down on her sofa by the window.  Hmm, Accessories…I wonder which ones…chipped in that ever so helpful little devil.   She shook her head to try and disperse the distracting thoughts as Seven approached having replicated whatever it was she needed.


Seven sat down next to Janeway and placed a small glass tumbler on the coffee table in front of them. 


“Er, Seven, you seem to have forgotten to put any drink in the glass with your ice cubes,” said a confused Janeway.


“Drink is not required for this game,” replied Seven.


“Oh,” was all Janeway could manage in reply.  She looked from the glass, which contained two ice cubes, to Seven, searching her eyes for some clue as to what she had planned. “So what exactly does this ‘game’ entail?”


“It involves the passing of an ice cube from one person to another.  It is probably easiest if I demonstrate to you how it works,” said the borg evenly, giving no clues as to her intent.


Janeway narrowed her eyes and looked sceptically at Seven, but before she could question exactly how one passed an ice cube, Seven had reached down, plucked one of the ice cubes from the glass and placed it delicately in her mouth.


Janeway’s mind was racing…hang on…her mouth…that gorgeous mouth…those luscious red lips…her mouth….the ice cube was in her mouth….which meant……


Just as Janeway was reaching the obvious conclusion she found Seven pressing her lips to her own, teasing the Captain’s mouth open with her tongue.  Janeway’s heart clutched in her chest and she closed her eyes at the sheer bliss of feeling Seven’s warm, soft lips upon hers.  A small involuntary moan escaped from deep in her throat as a shiver shot through her whole body.  Now she could feel the cool ice cube sliding into her mouth, contrasting with the warmth of Seven’s lips and tongue.  Seven’s lips lingered slightly on the Captain’s before she moved away.


Janeway was left swaying slightly, her eyes still shut as she tried to process all the emotions involved with what had just happened.  She put her hands upon the couch to steady herself and slowly opened her eyes.  Seven was gazing back at her with what Janeway knew was desire in her eyes.  She knew as it was also what was in her own eyes.  Neither woman spoke as they maintained eye contact, staring longingly at one another.


Seven broke the silence, “I believe it is your turn, Captain.”


Janeway felt a sudden surge of warmth within her as Seven spoke the words.  Her breath was coming erratically now and she swallowed and took a few deep breaths.  Her hand was shaking as she reached for the second of the cubes.  Part of her mind was screaming at her to stop, that this was heading completely out of control, but she didn’t care, she had to feel those lips again.


She slipped the cube into her mouth and flicked her eyes up to meet Seven’s letting all her emotions show in them along with the naked desire that was raging through her.


She placed her hand on Seven’s thigh as she moved closer so that their knees were touching.  She could feel the young woman trembling under her touch.


Maintaining the lock on the ice blue eyes she closed the space between them and slowly, gently let her lips caress Seven’s.  She heard the other woman let out a sigh, which only served to enflame her own passion more.  Seven had closed her eyes, but Janeway continued to study the beautiful face, taking in every detail of the moment this time.  She parted her lips and Seven eagerly responded, allowing Janeway to slide the cube and her tongue into Seven’s mouth. Now Janeway closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her, finally pulling away with a deep sigh.


Seven glanced at the tumbler ruefully, “I am afraid that there are no more ice cubes, Captain.”


“Really?” replied Janeway huskily, “I think I might still have one here.”


Seven looked at her with a puzzled expression and Janeway just grinned mischievously back before once again kissing the young woman.  There was no turning back now, she had completely succumbed to the allure of this wonderful woman.  When Seven was finally able to speak, she also had a hint of playfulness in her voice which delighted Janeway.


“I believe you were in error, Captain.”


“How so?”


“There was not an ice cube in your mouth.”


Janeway laughed.


“Are you sure? Perhaps you’d better check again,” she said, a wicked smile curving the corners of her lips.


Seven considered this for a moment. “You may be correct, my previous examination may not have been thorough enough.  It would be wise for me to investigate further.”


“Actually, I have another game I’d like to show you,” suggested Janeway seductively.


“Yes?” said Seven, quirking the implant above her left eye, “and what is this ‘game’?”


“I think this one would be best demonstrated too… my bedroom”


Seven smiled. “Acceptable.”


Janeway laughed warmly again and took the young woman’s hand to lead her to the other room.




Seven couldn’t believe this was happening.  Here she was in the Captain’s bedroom, with the Captain, about to engage in sexual activities.  She felt herself getting dizzy at just the thought of it.


“Are you, ok, Seven?” came Janeway’s voice from behind her as she felt a comforting hand upon her shoulder.


“You know, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, there’s no need to rush,” Janeway re-assured her.


“No!” said Seven vehemently, swinging round to face the older woman. “I do want to!”


Janeway smiled a smile that spoke to Seven’s heart every time she saw it. “Ok,” she added, nodding her head.


“I have longed for this moment for so long,” Seven attempted to explain, trying to form the words in her mind, “the fact that it has finally happened overwhelmed me for a moment.”


Janeway took Seven’s hands in her own and gazed into her eyes.


“And I want you to know that I have wanted to be with you for so long too.  In fact pretty much since you came on board I’ve felt myself drawn to you, but I just couldn’t allow myself to give in to my feelings, it would have been inappropriate.”


“And now?” probed Seven.


“I think it’s a little too late for inappropriateness, don’t you?” laughed Janeway


“I concur, Captain” smiled Seven.


“Good, oh, and Seven, you can call me Kathryn here.”


“Indeed,” said Seven, and immediately decided to try the name out.  “Kathryn, I would like to kiss you again now.”


Janeway smiled her beautiful smile again. Seven wasn’t sure if it was the brashness of her statement or the use of the Captain’s first name that pleased her so, though the sound of the other woman’s name coming from her own lips had certainly been pleasing to her.


“Acceptable,” replied Janeway, mimicking Seven.


Janeway placed her hands on Seven’s waist and guided her towards her, raising her head to allow their lips to meet in a sensuous kiss.  Her hands slipped round to Seven’s back and slid up the slender torso, pulling their bodies even closer together. 


As she continued to be enveloped in the delightful kiss, Seven let her hands find their way to tangle in Kathryn’s fine auburn hair, sweeping her fingers through the strands at the back of her head.


Seven was completely consumed by the passion of their kiss, as small gasps and moans erupted unbidden from within her.  She needed more of this woman, she needed to feel her skin, to feel her own skin against it.


Not allowing the connection of their lips to break she fumbled with Kathryn’s shirt.  It was those buttons again though, she realised.  Exasperated she just took a part of the shirt in each hand and tugged, popping all the buttons in one go.


Janeway broke off from the kiss suddenly.


“Oh, my!” she exclaimed, looking down at her wrecked shirt.


Seven was just staring at the exposed bra…and breasts.


“Do you like what you see?” asked Janeway flirtatiously.


Startled, Seven’s eyes flicked up.


“Y-Yes,” she stammered.


Janeway reached out and took Seven’s hand in her own before bringing it to rest on her left breast.  Seven let out a gasp as she felt the soft flesh beneath her fingertips.  Slowly she stroked her fingers across it, excited when she heard Kathryn let out a small moan.


Suddenly Kathryn was kissing her again, with even greater passion than before.  Her hands roamed over Seven’s body and released the fastening of her biosuit.  Seven quickly shrugged it off and kicked it away.  Now it was Janeway’s turn to stare.


“You are so…..beautiful,” she sighed in wonder.


Seven could feel herself blushing under Kathryn’s scrutiny.  Kathryn was the one who was beautiful, those entrancing eyes, those wonderful lips, that gorgeous hair, that lovely, soft skin….


Swiftly she moved towards Kathryn again, ripping the rest of the shirt and her bra from her so that she could run her hands over the compact form, as she sought out those sweet lips once more.


She found herself falling onto the bed, guessing that somehow Kathryn had manoeuvred them over here.  Then Kathryn was over her, her hair trailing across her naked chest as she nibbled slowly up and along Seven’s neck.  Seven closed her eyes and let herself be taken by the amazing feeling of Kathryn’s lips upon her skin and then shuddered as Kathryn reached her ear.  The other woman’s warm breath whispered across it.  Her lips were barely touching it, yet that was even more maddingly arousing.  Seven let her hands stroke across Kathryn’s bare back, digging her fingers in slightly when she felt a moist tongue flicking her ear.




Only after a minute did she realise that the sound had come from her own lips.  Kathryn came to hover above her, gazing lovingly at her with a smile on her face.  The smaller woman lowered herself so that she could nibble Seven’s bottom lip before turning it into a full kiss.


Kathryn slid to Seven’s side as her right hand glided it’s way across the young woman’s smooth abdomen and then gently caressed her left breast.  Seven let out a low moan again as Kathryn took her nipple between her index finger and thumb and teased it and the young woman.


Kathryn’s mouth replaced the fingers and Seven wondered if it was possible to die from pleasure.  As Kathryn’s hand slid back down across her stomach to tangle in the coarse hair below she thought that her cortical node may just explode from the sheer bliss she was feeling.  Then as the slender fingers dipped even lower into the wetness below Seven just stopped thinking completely as the intensity of the sensations flooded her entire body.


She tipped her head back and let out a strangled, gasping cry as Kathryn slipped a single finger inside her.  Her hands flailed about for something to grasp, her left hand grabbing a handful of sheet and her right tangling in Kathryn’s hair.  The moans and pants came faster as Kathryn skilfully moved her finger within the slick walls.


Seven’s right hand also moved to clutch the sheets as Kathryn’s head glided downwards to join her hand.  Seven felt the hot breath fluttering over her and another cry burst forth at the fire bubbling up within her.  The tongue that flickered across her clitoris was enough to send shudders cascading through her.  Her breath came in short, quick pants before her whole body tensed and then released in a moment of pure ecstasy.


The next she knew was that Kathryn was once more looking at her with those warm, blue, loving eyes.  Seven could feel her whole body tingling and when Kathryn went to brush some loose strands of hair from Seven’s face she felt the shivers skitter down her spine again.  She closed her eyes and reached up to hold the hand in place against her cheek, turning to kiss the palm.


She opened her eyes once more to gaze at the captivating woman.


“I love you, Kathryn,” she whispered.


Kathryn beamed back at her, the smile lighting up her whole face.


“And I love you, Seven,” she replied.




(also known as the inspiration for this piece of fanfic)


“Who is this Patricia, and what is her affiliation with oven-baked confectionaries?”

“It’s a game, Seven.” Kathryn crossed her legs. “It’s to do with the lyrics. Of the song you sing.”

“While you clap hands?”


Seven unfolded her arms and crossed her legs, too.

“I had concluded it impossible for you to introduce me to any further irrelevant human activities. You have succeeded in surprising me.”

Laughing lightly, Kathryn decided to explain the purpose of the game.

“I want to see the way your breasts move when you do it.”

Laughing lightly, she put her hands on Seven’s hips and encouraged her a little closer. Seven felt the bedsheet bunch and drag between her buttocks. One more question.

“Will it be necessary to put our clothes on before we initiate this game?”

Kathryn laughed harder.



At that, Kathryn smiled widely, raised her hands and pressed them together as if to pray. Seven could see her fingertips lined up and blossoming like rosebuds. Her thumbs fit together nearly perfectly. All of her nails glowed like thin moons. Next, as though demonstrating a size, her hands moved apart, the space between them extending from a demonstration of the length of Chakotay’s penis to the width of a Borg breast. Then she turned her hands horizontally, with the palms facing each other.

“Mirror me.” Seven imitated every movement. “Now turn your hands the other way. So your palms can meet mine.” Seven did this, too.

“That’s beautiful, Seven.”

“Now, touch your hands to mine, and then turn the angle forty-five degrees” – mathematics would get to her – “and touch them to mine again.” Seven did this, as well.

“Now clap your hands together”, and they were both praying again.

“What is the rhyme we sing to this?”

Kathryn said, rather than sang,

“Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. Pat it and press it” – Kathryn could think of a delicious way to demonstrate this, but did not – “and mark it with ‘B’, Kathryn took Seven’s hand gently in her own, and with the index finger of the other, softly traced the letter ‘B’ on her palm.

“I like this game”, Seven whispered.

“I thought you might.”

Seven looked at Kathryn with wide eyes. So she wanted her to finish it.

“And put it in the oven… for Seven and me.”

Seven’s tongue traced the roof of her own mouth.

“Kathryn… what is the action to accompany that final line?”

Kathryn was grinning.