Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Sazzy

May 2004


Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction but uses characters that are copyright of Paramount Pictures.  No infringement on their copyright is intended by the author in anyway, shape or form - this is just a bit of fun. This story alludes to an all female relationship so if you don’t like that then look away now.

Codes: J/7, anti-J/C

Rating: PG-13

Time period: This story is set some time around the 6th season of Voyager after the episode The Voyager Conspiracy (spoilers contained for that episode).

Summary: A short PWP piece as Seven ponders how to let Chakotay know his attentions for the Captain are unwanted.  Written for the “Die J/C Die” contest.


Seven of Nine’s fingers worked quickly over the console in astrometrics, despite the fact that her mind was pre-occupied with thoughts other than her duties aboard Voyager.  She realised that being distracted in this way was most inefficient, but she just couldn’t seem to stop her mind wandering to the ship’s first officer, and more importantly, how to stop him….what was that phrase she has heard Tom Paris use?……ah, yes….how to stop him “trying it on” with the Captain.


He was continually making suggestive remarks and looking at the Captain in a certain way that made the borg have the sudden impulse to crush his windpipe ….slowly ….feeling his pulse slowing beneath the mesh of her left hand.  Of course, it would all be much easier if the Captain would just tell everyone that she and Seven were actually in a relationship, the young woman mused.


When Seven had overloaded her cortical node and mistakenly accused everyone, including the Captain, of conspiring against her, Kathryn had still come after her.  It was then that they both realised how deeply they loved each other.  The emotion in Kathryn’s voice when she appeared in the Delta Flyer to talk her round had cut through Seven’s paranoia and when Kathryn had knelt before her it was all Seven could do to remember to keep breathing.  Of course, later that same night she’d had a similar problem with breathing, but the reason that time was because her mouth had been smothered by Kathryn’s wonderful kisses.


It was lucky that Seven was working on her own as usual, as she knew she was no doubt blushing and smiling to herself as she recalled that wonderful night when Kathryn had shown her just how much she loved her….until six the next morning.


Since then they had been spending most nights together, but the Captain was still cautious about letting the rest of the crew know of their involvement.  Though Seven herself would happily tell everyone, she would acquiesce to Kathryn’s wishes for now.  Warmth spread through her body again at the thought of her lover and she realised she would do pretty much anything Kathryn Janeway wanted her too, in more ways than one. 


She deliberated that since she was so blissfully happy, maybe it was only fair to try and hook Chakotay up with someone too.  If he had his own lover then perhaps he would stop bothering Kathryn.  But who on board would be suitable?  She thought it probably wasn’t a good idea to try to find him a match based on personality, since he didn’t have one.  It was also highly unlikely that anyone would share Chakotay’s tedious interest in ancient spirits or “angry warriors”.


Maybe she should just suggest the possibility of going out with Chakotay to a few crewmembers and gauge their response.  Sudden visions of people laughing at her sprung to mind for some reason.


As she tried in vain to think of someone to ask, she found her thoughts drifting to Kathryn again.  She continued to be amazed at how often in a day that seemed to happen.  Kathryn really wasn’t making things easy, though, as she still insisted on inviting Chakotay round her quarters for various dinners and drinks, telling Seven that she needed to remain friendly with the man, since he was her second in command.  Seven allowed herself a little smile as she thought of all the times Kathryn pretended she couldn’t cook in Chakotay’s presence, whereas in fact Seven knew she was a perfectly competent cook and certainly wouldn’t burn a pot roast accidentally.


Seven tried to think of some alternative solutions to the Chakotay situation.  Slowly a wicked idea wheedled its way into her mind.  She wondered if she should suggest that Kathryn send Chakotay on a few more away missions, especially those that required the use of a shuttle.  Taking the Commander’s past track record into consideration and assuming a mission every 5 days, Seven calculated that there was a 95% probability that he would have a crash within the next month.


She quickly chastised herself for thinking such things.  Though it was tempting to dispose of the Commander, Kathryn would probably be at least a little bit upset, if only because she’d have no-one to tease and make fun of any more. 


Maybe the doctor had something he could give Chakotay to reduce his sex drive and interest in women.  She wondered exactly how long it had been since the Commander had had sex, presuming of course that some poor unfortunate woman had succumbed to him at some point.  Now she came to think of it, she recalled some of the crew mentioning that he’d had some sort of relationship with a woman named Seska, but that had been 4 years ago.  And of course she had turned out to be crazy, though that should have been obvious from the fact she was copulating with Chakotay.


There was always the rather disturbing option that she could offer herself to the Commander if it would relieve his frustrations.  Her and Chakotay?…..No, that would just be stretching the realms of possibility too far. 


Perhaps they could somehow let it be known that the Captain wasn’t interested in men without actually saying she was involved with someone.   Seven was surprised no one had already guessed that there was anything more to the two women’s relationship.  She personally thought it was obvious to anyone who took the time to look (as she had recently) that Kathryn was interested in her.  Surely everyone had noticed the Captain constantly staring at Seven’s breasts?  Mind you, Ensign Kim had a tendency to do that too…and Tom Paris….and Neelix …and the Doctor….in fact pretty much all the men on Voyager apart from Tuvok (and she was sure she had caught him peeking a few times when he thought she wasn’t watching).


She supposed the last resort was that Kathryn could just tell him the truth…”Look Chakotay, you’re dull, you’re boring, you have about as much charisma as a plank of wood…in fact I couldn’t think of anyone I’d be less suitable with.”  Maybe if Seven offered to write the speech for her?


Seven’s musings were cut short as she heard the doors to astrometrics swish open behind her.


“Seven, you wanted to speak to me?” asked Chakotay as he approached.


Seven suddenly found it difficult to remember all the choices she had been contemplating due to the proximity of the odious man.


“Stay away from Kathryn,” was all she managed to mumble through gritted teeth.


“Pardon?” he asked moving closer, “I didn’t quite catch that.”


“I said,” she began in steely tones as she slowly turned to face him,









As Chakotay staggered away clutching his bloody nose, Seven realised that she had at last found a situation to apply one of the Doctor’s sayings, from social lesson 32 no less….sometimes, actions speak louder than words.